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Pulse-height defect in single-crystal CVD diamond detectors / Beliuskina, O. ; Strekalovsky, A.O. ; Aleksandrov, A.A. ; Aleksandrova, I.A. ; Devaraja, H.M. ; Heinz, C. ; Heinz, S. ; Hofmann, S. ; Ilich, S. ; Imai, N. ; et al
1st International African Symposium on Exotic Nuclei / Cherepanov, Evgeni ; Penionzhkevich, Yuri ; Kamanin, Dmitri ; Bark, Robert ; Cornell, John
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NEW RESULTS IN STUDYING OF THE COLLINEAR CLUSTER TRIPARTITION OF THE <sup>252</sup>Cf NUCLEUS / Yu. V. Pyatkov ; D. V. Kamanin ; W. Trzaska ; S. R. Yamaletdinov ; E. A. Sokol ; A. N. Tjukavkin ; A. A. Aleksandrov ; I. A. Aleksandrova ; S. V. Denisov ; V. P. Krajnov ; et al [JINR-E15-2004-65]
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Fission decay of N = Z nuclei at high angular momentum: Zn-60 / von Oertzen, W. ; Zherebchevsky, V. ; Gebauer, B. ; Schulz, Ch. ; Thummerer, S. ; Kamanin, D. ; Royer, G. ; Wilpert, Th. [arXiv:0811.0018]
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The 4 pi fragment spectrometer FOBOS / Wagner, W. ; Ortlepp, H.G. ; Herbach, C.-M. ; Aleksandrov, A.A. ; Aleksandrova, I.A. ; Andrassy, M. ; Budzanowski, A. ; Czech, B. ; Danziger, M. ; Dietterle, L. ; et al [JINR-E13-97-118]
External links: CERNKEY SCIDIR e-proceeding
A Method for the intrinsic calibration of CsI(Tl) detectors / Kamanin, D.V. ; Wagner, W. ; Ortlepp, H.G. [JINR-E13-97-305]
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The FOBOS 4 pi detector of charged particles at the FLNR of the JINR Dubna / Andrassy, M. ; Aleksandrov, A.A. ; Aleksandrova, I.A. ; Budzanowski, A. ; Danziger, M. ; Dietterle, L. ; Doronin, V.N. ; Dshemuchadse, S. ; Fomichev, A.S. ; Gippner, P. ; et al [JINR-E7-95-148]
New Results in Studying of the Collinear Cluster Tripartition of the $^{252}$Cf Nucleus / Pyatkov, Yu V ; Kamanin, D V ; Trzaska, W ; Yamaletdinov, S R ; Sokol, E A ; Tjukavkin, A N ; Aleksandrov, A A ; Aleksandrova, I A ; Denisov, S V ; Krajnov, V P ; et al [E15200465] [JINRE15200465]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
Start Detector for TimeofFlight Spectrometers of Heavy Charged Particles / Aleksandrov, A A ; Aleksandrova, I A ; Kamanin, D V ; Kondratiev, B A ; Penionzhkevich, Yu E [JINRP132004162] [P132004162]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
Calculation of Lifetime of Charge-Exchanging Carbon Targets in Intense Heavy Ion Beams / Gikal, B N ; Gulbekyan, G G ; Kazacha, V I ; Kamanin, D V [JINR-P9-2005-110] [P9-2005-110]
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3 Kamanin, D V
4 Kamanin, D.V.
1 Kamanin, Dmitri
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