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Reversible mathematics: an artificial science or a scientific art? / Ilyushchenko, V I [JINR-E10-92-343]
A nonstandard matrix derivative obtained from a standard scalar derivative / Ilyushchenko, V I [JINR-E10-92-382]
Inverse combinatorial vector-matrix transforms over finite and infinite algebraic fields / Ilyushchenko, V I [JINR-E10-92-391]
Numerical differentiation and integration of noisy model data / Ilyushchenko, V I [JINR-E10-90-542]
An analysis of spectral data with rare events statistics / Ilyushchenko, V I ; Chernov, N I [JINR-E10-90-579]
An integration weighing method to evaluate extremum coordinates / Ilyushchenko, V I [E10-90-410] [JINR-E10-90-410]
Some results of comparative testing of a variable metric code / Ilyushchenko, V I [JINR-E10-90-503]
New integration methods of global optimization based on Riemann, Lebesgue and Perron integral structures / Ilyushchenko, V I [JINR-E10-90-552]
Yields of radionuclides formed in the interaction of 3.65 AGeV $^{12}$C-ions and protons with $^{nat}$Pb / Damdinsuren, C ; Ilyushchenko, V I ; Kozma, P ; Chultem, D [E1-89-481] [JINR-E1-89-481]
The solution of least squares problems by standard and SVD codes / Ilyushchenko, V I ; Kozma, P [E10-89-521] [JINR-E10-89-521]
Target residues from the reaction of 3.65 AGeV $^{12}C$ with $^{232}Th$ and $^{238}U$ / Kozma, P ; Ilyushchenko, V I ; Kliman, J [JINR-E17-89-482]
Experiment for the measurement of CP-violation in B decays : letter of intent / Aleev, A N ; Arefev, V ; Balandin, V P ; Berdyshev, V K ; Birulev, V K ; Chvyrov, A S ; Evsikov, I I ; Grigalashvili, T S ; Guskov, B ; Ilyushchenko, V I ; et al [D1-89-614] [JINR-E1-89-614]
GSAP: FORTRAN code for gamma-spectrum analysis / Hnatowicz, V ; Ilyushchenko, V I ; Kozma, P [E10-89-758] [JINR-E10-89-758]
Magnetic field calculation of the NA-4 muon spectrometer / Cvach, J ; Ilyushchenko, V I ; Savin, I A ; Vorzhtsov, S B [JINR-E11-80-258]
Ionization curves of C$^{4}^{+}$ and N$^{5+}$ helium-like ions in a range of 0$\leq$E$_{e}\leq$30 KeV / Ilyushchenko, V I [E7-10653] [JINR-E7-10653]

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