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Phenomenological Equation of State of Strongly Interacting Matter with First-Order Phase Transitions and Critical Points / Typel, Stefan ; Blaschke, David [arXiv:1712.04383]
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The phase diagram of dense quark matter in compact stars / Blaschke, David
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Nonlocal quark model description of a composite Higgs particle / Kachanovich, Aliaksei ; Blaschke, David [arXiv:1610.05014]
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Interplay between Symmetry Energy and Excluded Volume Corrections under the Direct Urca Cooling Constraint in Neutron Stars / Alvarez-Castillo, David E. ; Blaschke, David [arXiv:1604.08923]
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15th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter (SQM 2015): Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, July 6-11, 2015 / Alvarez-Castillo, David ; Blaschke, David ; Kekelidze, Vladimir ; Matveev, Victor ; Sorin, Alexander
External link: IOP
Phase diagram of the three-flavor color superconducting PNJL model / Ayriyan, Alexander ; Blaschke, David ; Lastowiecki, Rafal
NJL model approach to diquarks and baryons in quark matter / Blaschke, David ; Dubinin, Aleksandr Sergeevich ; Zablocki, Daniel
External links: PoS server Fulltext
High-mass twins & resolution of the reconfinement, masquerade and hyperon puzzles of compact star interiors / Blaschke, David ; Alvarez-Castillo, David E. [arXiv:1503.03834]
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Dynamical Schwinger process in a bifrequent electric field of finite duration: survey on amplification / Otto, Andreas ; Seipt, Daniel ; Blaschke, David ; Smolyansky, Stanislav Alexandrovich ; Kämpfer, Burkhard [arXiv:1503.08675]
External link: Fulltext
Quark Matter in Core Collapse Supernova Simulations / Fischer, Tobias ; Klähn, Thomas ; Sagert, Irina ; Hempel, Matthias ; Blaschke, David
Mass-radius constraints for compact stars and a critical endpoint / Blaschke, David ; Alvarez-Castillo, David E. ; Benic, Sanjin [arXiv:1310.3803]
External links: Fulltext
Dense matter in heavy-ion collisions and astrophysics. Proceedings, Helmholtz International Summer School, HISS 2008, DM 2008, Dubna, Russia, July 14-26, 2008 / Blaschke, David, (ed.) ; Skokov, Vladimir, (ed.) ; Voronov, Victor, (ed.) ; Wambach, Jochen, (ed.) ; Zablocki, Daniel, (ed.)
External link: SERVER
Superdense QCD Matter and Compact Stars / Blaschke, David. ; Sedrakian, David.
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Workshop on Quark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics / Burau, Gerhard R ; Blaschke, David B ; Schmidt, Sebastian M
External link: Conference home page
Workshop on Understanding Deconfinement in QCD / Blaschke, David B ; Karsch, Frithjof ; Roberts, Craig D

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