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Phenomenological Equation of State of Strongly Interacting Matter with First-Order Phase Transitions and Critical Points / Typel, Stefan ; Blaschke, David [arXiv:1712.04383]
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Phase Diagram of the Three-flavor Color Superconducting PNJL Model / Ayriyan, A. ; Blaschke, D. ; Łastowiecki, R.
Nonlocal Quark Model for the Composite Higgs Particle / Kachanovich, Aliaksei ; Blaschke, D.
Quark--Nuclear Hybrid EoS with Excluded-volume Effects / Kaltenborn, M.A.R. ; Blaschke, D.
Composite Particles in Medium - Effects of Substructure / Liebing, S. ; Blaschke, D.
The phase diagram of dense quark matter in compact stars / Blaschke, David
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Particle Production in Strong Time-dependent Fields / Blaschke, D.B. ; Smolyansky, S.A. ; Panferov, A. ; Juchnowski, L. [DESY-PROC-2016-04arXiv:1704.04147]
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Nonlocal quark model description of a composite Higgs particle / Kachanovich, Aliaksei ; Blaschke, David [arXiv:1610.05014]
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Vacuum particle-antiparticle creation in strong fields as a field induced phase transition / Smolyansky, S.A. ; Panferov, A.D. ; Blaschke, D.B. ; Juchnowski, L. ; Kaempfer, B. ; Otto, A. [arXiv:1607.08775]
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Three-fluid hydrodynamics based event simulation for collisions at NICA and FAIR energies / Batyuk, P. ; Blaschke, D. ; Bleicher, M. ; Ivanov, Yu. B. ; Karpenko, Iu. ; Merts, S. ; Nahrgang, M. ; Petersen, H. ; Rogachevsky, O. [arXiv:1608.00965]
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Light cluster production at NICA / Bastian, N. -U. ; Batyuk, P. ; Blaschke, D. ; Danielewicz, P. ; Ivanov, Yu. B. ; Karpenko, Iu. ; Röpke, G. ; Rogachevsky, O. ; Wolter, H.H. [arXiv:1608.02851]
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Mott dissociation of pions and kaons in hot, dense quark matter / Dubinin, A. ; Radzhabov, A. ; Blaschke, D. ; Wergieluk, A. [arXiv:1608.05383]
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Baryon stopping in heavy-ion collisions at E$_{lab}$ = 2A-200A GeV / Ivanov, Yu.B. ; Blaschke, D.
Pair production by Schwinger and Breit-Wheeler processes in bi-frequent fields / Otto, A. ; Nousch, T. ; Seipt, D. ; Kämpfer, B. ; Blaschke, D. ; Panferov, A.D. ; Smolyansky, S.A. ; Titov, A.I. [arXiv:1604.00196]
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Laser assisted Breit-Wheeler and Schwinger processes / Nousch, T. ; Otto, A. ; Seipt, D. ; Kämpfer, B. ; Titov, A.I. ; Blaschke, D. ; Panferov, A.D. ; Smolyansky, S.A. [arXiv:1604.00201]
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