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QCD factorization in gamma* gamma ---> pi pi and gamma* N ---> pi pi N / Diehl, M. ; Gousset, T. ; Pire, B. ; Terayev, O.V. [hep-ph/9901233]
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Multiplicity distributions and charged neutral fluctuations / Nayak, Tapan K. ; Aggarwal, M.M. ; Angelis, A.L.S. ; Antonenko, V. ; Areev, V. ; Astakhov, V. ; Avdeitchikov, V. ; Awes, T.C. ; Baba, P.V.K.S. ; Badyal, S.K. ; et al [nucl-ex/0108026VECC-CONF-INPC-01]
External link: APCPC
Nuclear orientation in the reaction S-34 + U-238 and synthesis of the new isotope Hs-268 / Nishio, K. ; Hofmann, S. ; Hessberger, F.P. ; Ackermann, D. ; Antalic, S. ; Aritomo, Y. ; Comas, V.F. ; Dullmann, Ch.E. ; Gorshkov, A. ; Graeger, R. ; et al
Hydrodynamical description of first-order phase transitions: Analytical treatment and numerical modeling / Skokov, V.V. ; Voskresensky, D.N. [arXiv:0903.4335]
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SQM with Non-Abelian Self-Dual Fields: Harmonic Superspace Description / Ivanov, Evgeny A. ; Konyushikhin, Maxim A. ; Smilga, Andrei V. [arXiv:0912.3289ITEP-TH-81-09]
Conceptual design report for a Beta-Beam facility / Benedikt, M. ; Bechtold, A. ; Borgnolutti, F. ; Bouquerel, E. ; Bozyk, L. ; Bruer, J. ; Chance, A. ; Delahaye, P. ; Fabich, A. ; Hancock, S. ; et al
Spectroscopy of proton-unbound nuclei by tracking their decay products in-flight: One- and two- proton decays of F-15, Ne-16, and Na-19 / Mukha, I. ; Summerer, K. ; Acosta, L. ; Alvarez, M.A.G. ; Casarejos, E. ; Chatillon, A. ; Cortina-Gil, D. ; Egorova, I.A. ; Espino, J.M. ; Fomichev, A. ; et al
Criteria for selection of $J/\Psi \to e^{+} e^{-}$ decays detected by the CBM setup in Au-Au collisions at an energy of 25 GeV/nucleon / Derenovskaya, O.Yu. ; Vassiliev, Yu.O.
4th International Workshop for Future Challenges in Tracking and Trigger Concepts // CERN, Geneva, Switzerland - 28 - 30 Nov 2012
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Observation of $e^{+} e^{-} \to \gamma X(3872)$ at BESIII / Ablikim, M. ; Achasov, M.N. ; Ai, X.C. ; Albayrak, O. ; Ambrose, D.J. ; An, F.F. ; An, Q. ; Bai, J.Z. ; Ferroli, R.Baldini ; Ban, Y. ; et al [arXiv:1310.4101]
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Search for $\eta_c(2S)$ and $h_c$ decays into $p\bar{p}$ / Ablikim, M. ; Achasov, M.N. ; Ai, X.C. ; Albayrak, O. ; Ambrose, D.J. ; An, F.F. ; An, Q. ; Bai, J.Z. ; Ferroli, R.Baldini ; Ban, Y. ; et al [arXiv:1310.6099]
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$J/\psi$ reconstruction in the dielectron decay channel at SIS100 energies in the CBM experiment / Derenovskaya, O.Yu. ; Vassiliev, Yu.O.
Symplectic sigma models in superspace / Ivanov, E.A. ; Smilga, Andrei V. [hep-th/0402041SUBATECH-2004-01JINR-E2-2004-11]
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