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Mass dependent alpha-s evolution and the light gluino existence / Shirkov, D.V. ; Mikhailov, S.V. [hep-ph/9401270BI-TP-93-75JINR-E2-93-336]
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On Exact account of heavy quark thresholds in hard processes / Dokshitzer, Yuri L. ; Shirkov, D.V. [LU-TP-93-19JINR-E2-93-337]
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Three-loop running of the strong coupling constant and the mass of the b-quark in the supersymmetric QCD / Bednyakov, A.V.
Renormalization of the Wilson Loops Beyond the Leading Order / Korchemsky, G.P. ; Radyushkin, A.V.
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Renormalization-group improved evolution of the meson distribution amplitude at the two-loop level / Bakulev, A P ; Stefanis, N G [JINR-E2-2005-21] [RUB-TP-2-2004-10] [hep-ph/0503045]
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Infrared asymptotics of perturbative QCD: renormalization properties of the Wilson loops in higher orders of perturbation theory / Korchemsky, G P ; Radyushkin, A V [JINR-E2-85-779]
3-loop approximation for running coupling constant in quantum chromodynamics / Shirkov, D V [JINR-E2-80-609] [JINR-P2-80-609]
Detailed analysis of the dependence of $1$-loop counter-terms on gauge and parametrization in Einstein gravity with a cosmological constant / Kalmykov, M. Yu. ; Kazakov, K. A. ; Pronin, P. I. ; Stepanyantz, K. V. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1663550 (99g:83036)]
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Renormalization-group improved evolution of the meson distribution amplitude at the two-loop level / Bakulev, Alexander P. ; Stefanis, N.G. [hep-ph/0503045JINR-E2-2005-21RUB-TPII-10-04]
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A systematic study of QCD coupling constant from deep-inelastic measurements / Krivokhizhin, V.G. ; Kotikov, A.V.
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Nonperturbative aspects of the QCD analytic invariant charge / Nesterenko, A.V. [hep-ph/0307283CPHT-PC-040-0703]
External link: ADSABS e-proceeding
Ground state energy of pionic hydrogen to one loop / Gasser, J. ; Ivanov, M.A. ; Lipartia, E. ; Mojzis, M. ; Rusetsky, A. [hep-ph/0206068BUTP-02-07]
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Explicit expressions for Euclidean and Minkowskian QCD observables in analytic perturbation theory / Kourashev, D.S. ; Magradze, B.A. [hep-ph/0104142RMI-2001-18]
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Exact analytic two loop expressions for QCD observables in the timelike region / Kourashev, D.S. [hep-ph/0010072]
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Large regular QCD coupling at low energy? / Shirkov, Dmitry V.

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