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Induced radioactivity problem for high power heavy ion accelerators: Experimental investigation and longtime predictions / Fertman, D.A. ; Bakhmetjev, I. ; Batyaev, V. ; Borisenko, N. ; Cherkasov, A. ; Golubev, A. ; Kantsyrev, A. ; Karpikhin, E. ; Koldobsky, A. ; Lipatov, K. ; et al [nucl-ex/0209007LA-UR-02-3566]
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Search of the decay of the heaviest isotopes of element 112 / Oganessian, Yu.Ts. ; Yeremin, A.V. ; Gulbekian, G.G. ; Bogomolov, S.L. ; Chepigin, V.I. ; Gikal, B.N. ; Gorshkov, V.A. ; Itkis, M.G. ; Kabachenko, A.P. ; Kutner, V.B. ; et al [JINR-E7-98-212]
Possibilities of the gamma gamma coincidences analysis / Daniel, A.V. ; Popeko, G.S. ; Ter-Akopian, G.M. [JINR-P10-97-109]
Isomer yield ratios of Rh-99 and In-110 residual nuclei produced in reactions induced by relativistic protons and C-12 ions on Sn isotopes. (In Russian) / Kozma, P. ; Ilyushchenko, V.I. ; Ion, I.
NEUTRON DETECTOR FOR THE RARE SPONTANEOUS FISSION EVENTS / Ter-Akopian, G.M. ; Popeko, A.G. ; Sokol, E.A. ; Chelnokov, L.P. ; Smirnov, V.I. ; Gorshkov, V.A. [JINR-P13-81-18]
European Research Conference on Nuclear Physics : Prospects for Heavy-ion Inertial Fusion // Aghia Pelaghia, Greece - 27 Sep - 1 Oct 1992
Influence of the Epithermal Effects on the MCF Steady State / Filchenkov, V V ; Grafov, N N ; Gritsaj, K I [E15-2005-22] [JINR-E15-2005-22]
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The Use of Thermal Peak Model for Temperature Calculation in Two-Layer Structures along the Projected Range of High Energy Heavy Ion / Amirkhanov, I V ; Didyk, A Yu ; Sarkar, N P ; Sarkhadov, I ; Semina, V K ; Hofmann, A ; Sharipov, Z A [JINR-P11-2005-83] [P11-2005-83]
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The Sputtering of the Deformed Gold under Irradiation with Krypton Swift Heavy Ions / Didyk, A Yu ; Hofmann, A ; Semina, V K [E14-2002-270] [JINR-E14-2002-270]
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The role of the dinuclear system in the processes of nuclear fusion, quasifission, fission and cluster formation / Volkov, V V [JINRE79925]
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2nd International Workshop on Cross Sections for Fusion and Other Applications / Reading, John F
2nd Ecole Joliot-Curie de Physique Nucleaire / Blaizot, J P ; Epherre-Rey-Campagnolle, Marcelle ; Mahaux, C
International Conference on Heavy-ion Physics and Nuclear Physics / Agodi, Attilio ; Villi, Claudio
Workshop on Quark Matter Formation and Heavy-ion Collisions / Jacob, Maurice René Michel ; Satz, Helmut
Study of the ion-optical properties of the mass-spectrometer LIDIA / Bogdanov, D D ; Rodin, A M ; Sidorchuk, S I ; Stepantsov, S V ; Ter-Akopian, G M ; Timakov, V A [JINR-E7-89-680]

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