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(e, 3e) reactions at moderate energies: visualization of average field effects in atom / Kuzakov, K A ; Chuluunbaatar, O ; Gusev, A A ; Popov, Y V ; Vinitsky, S I [JINR-R4-2002-218]
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(e,3e) Reactions at Moderate Energies: Visualization of Average Field Effects in Atom / Kouzakov, K A ; Chuluunbaatar, O ; Gusev, A A ; Vinitsky, S I ; Popov, Yu V [JINR-P-4-2002-218] [P-4-2002-218]
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Measurement of the forward-backward asymmetry coefficient in the sup 3 sup 5 Cl(n,p) sup 3 sup 5 S reaction for resonance neutrons / Vesna, V A ; Gledenov, Yu M ; Okunev, I S ; Oprea, A ; Salatskii, V I ; Sedyshev, P V ; Szalanski, P [JINR-R3-2002-175]
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Properties of proton clusters in CC supLAMBDA sup / sup K collisions at 4.2 GeV/c per nucleon with LAMBDA and K sup 0 production / Bekmirzaev, R N ; Kuznetsov, A A ; Shukurov, E K ; Yuldashev, B S [JINR-R1-2002-262]
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Spatial distribution of neutrons in paraffin moderator surrounding a lead target irradiated with protons at intermediate energies / Adam, J ; Barabanov, M Y ; Bradnova, V [JINR-E1-2002-233]
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A complanar emission of particles in nuclear interaction for E sub 0 >10 sup 1 sup 6 eV detected in the stratosphere / Managadze, A K ; Galkin, V I ; Goncharova, L A ; Kopenkin, V V ; et al [JINR-E3-2002-112]
A gamma-hadron superfamily of cosmic rays with total energy >10 sup 1 sup 6 eV was detected by an emulsion chamber aboard a stratospheric balloon, the event being the unique example of so high energy nuclear interaction in the world statistics [...]
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'gamma + jet' event rate estimation for gluon distribution determination at the Tevatron Run II / Bandurin, D V ; Skachkov, N B [JINR-E2-2002-154]
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Concept of quasi-averages and spontaneous symmetry breaking / Bogolyubov, N N ; Shumovsky, A S ; Yukalov, V I [E17-86-567] [JINR-E17-86-567]
Searches for d' resonance in double charge exchange reactions of pi sup + -mesons on nuclei in nuclear photoemulsion / Batusov, Y A ; Balestra, F ; Bussa, M P ; Piragino, G ; Pontecorvo, G B [JINR-E1-2002-227]
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Investigation of the triton emission asymmetry in the sup 6 Li(n, alpha) sup 3 H reaction with polarized thermal neutrons / Gledenov, Yu M ; Nesvizhevsky, V V ; Petukhov, A K ; Sedyshev, P V ; Shulgina, E V ; Soldner, T ; Vesna, V A ; Zimmer, O [JINR-R3-2002-151]
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Two-dimensional oscillator in time-dependent fields: comparison of some exact and approximate calculations / O. Chuluunbaatar ; A.A. Gusev ; S.I. Vinitsky ; V.L. Derbov ; A. Galtbayar and T. Zhanlav
Photoionization and recombination of a hydrogen atom in a magnetic field / O. Chuluunbaatar ; A.A. Gusev ; S.I. Vinitsky ; V.L. Derbov ; L.A. Melnikov and V.V. Serov
Uncoupled correlated variational function in (e,2e) and (e,3e) calculations for ionization of the helium atom / Chuluunbaatar, O. ; Popov, Yu.V. ; Vinitsky, S.I. [JINR-P4-2002-134]
External link: DUBNA2
Final state interaction in inclusive and exclusive quasielastic processes / Alvioli, M. ; Braun, M.A. ; Ciofi degli Atti, Claudio ; Kaptari, L.P. ; Morita, H. ; Treleani, D. [nucl-th/0012019]
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The estimation of beam losses due to charge exchange with the residual gas in a cyclotron / Kalinichenko, V V ; Karamysheva, G A [JINR-R9-2002-58]
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