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Investigation of the triton emission asymmetry in the sup 6 Li(n, alpha) sup 3 H reaction with polarized thermal neutrons / Gledenov, Yu M ; Nesvizhevsky, V V ; Petukhov, A K ; Sedyshev, P V ; Shulgina, E V ; Soldner, T ; Vesna, V A ; Zimmer, O [JINR-R3-2002-151]
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Investigation of the Triton Emission Asymmetry in the $^{6}$Li(n, alpha)$^{3}$H Reaction with Polarized Thermal Neutrons / Gledenov, Yu M ; Vesna, V A ; Nesvizhevsky, V V ; Petukhov, A K ; Sedyshev, P V ; Soldner, T ; Shulgina, E V ; Zimmer, O [JINR-P3-2002-151] [P3-2002-151]
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Measurement of the forward-backward asymmetry coefficient in the sup 3 sup 5 Cl(n,p) sup 3 sup 5 S reaction for resonance neutrons / Vesna, V A ; Gledenov, Yu M ; Okunev, I S ; Oprea, A ; Salatskii, V I ; Sedyshev, P V ; Szalanski, P [JINR-R3-2002-175]
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Measurement of the parity-violating triton emission asymmetry in the reaction Li-6 (n, alpha) H-3 with polarized cold neutrons / Vesna, V.A. ; Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Nesvizhevsky, V.V. ; Petoukhov, A.K. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Soldner, T. ; Zimmer, O. ; Shulgina, E.V. [arXiv:0710.3694]
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Personnel photon dosimeter on the base of TLD sup n sup a sup t LiF / Kaskanov, G Y ; Mokrov, Yu V [JINR-R16-2003-17]
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Chemical identification and properties of element 112 / Yakushev, A B ; Oganessian, Yu T ; Zv?ra, I [JINR-E12-2002-297]
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Results from the first sup 2 sup 4 sup 9 Cf + sup 4 sup 8 Ca experiment / Oganessian, Yu T ; Lobanov, Y V ; Utenkov, V K [JINR-D7-2002-287]
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Study of collective flow effects in CC-collisions at a momentum of 4.2 GeV/c per nucleon / Chkhaidze, L V ; Dzhobava, T D ; Kharkhelauri, L L ; Kladnitskaya, E N ; Kuznetsov, A A [JINR-E1-2002-255]
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Evolution of the surface structures of solids under irradiation with high energy heavy ions / Didyk, A Y ; Altynov, V A ; Cheblukov, Y N ; Dmitriev, S N ; Hofmann, A ; Semina, V K ; Suvorov, A L [JINR-E14-2002-243]
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Spatial distribution of neutrons in paraffin moderator surrounding a lead target irradiated with protons at intermediate energies / Adam, J ; Barabanov, M Y ; Bradnova, V [JINR-E1-2002-233]
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Perturbative analysis of the influence of pi sup +pi sup - strong interaction on the relation between A sub 2 subpi creation probabilities in ns-states / Voskresenskaya, O O [JINR-R4-2002-26]
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'gamma + jet' event rate estimation for gluon distribution determination at the Tevatron Run II / Bandurin, D V ; Skachkov, N B [JINR-E2-2002-154]
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Wien filter using in exploring on low-energy radioactive nuclei / Bobyleva, L V ; Kuznetsov, I V ; Perelshtejn, E A ; Perelshtejn, O E [JINR-E6-2002-115]
The possibility of using the Wien filter as a mass separator for the neutron enriched nuclei study is under discussion [...]
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Efficiency calibration of a mini-orange type beta-spectrometer by the beta sup - -spectrum of sup 9 sup 0 Sr / Kalinnikov, V G ; Chumin, V G ; Ibrakhim, Y S ; Lebedev, N A ; Samatov, Z K ; Sehrehehtehr, Z ; Solnyshkin, A A [JINR-R6-2002-159]
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Alpha decay ${}^{225}Ac \to {}^{221}Fr$ / Kudrya, S A ; Chumin, V G ; Fominykh, V I ; Gorozhankin, V M ; Gromov, K Y ; Malikov, S R ; Malov, L A ; Sergienko, V A ; Tsupko-Sitnikov, V V ; Yakushev, E A [JINR-E6-2002-202]
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