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Fragmentation of 7- to 9-GeV/c deuterons to cumulative kaons / Afanasiev, S.V. ; Zolin, L.S. ; Isupov, A.Yu. ; Ladygin, V.P. ; Litvinenko, A.G. ; Reznikov, S.G. ; Khrenov, A.N.
Measurement of the yields of positively charged particles at an angle of 35\textdegree in proton interactions with nuclear targets at an energy of 50 GeV / Ammosov, V.V. ; Antonov, N.N. ; Baldin, A.A. ; Viktorov, V.A. ; Gapienko, V.A. ; Gapienko, G.S. ; Golovin, A.A. ; Gres, V.N. ; Ivanilov, A.A. ; Koreshev, V.I. ; et al
Searches for physics beyond the standard model in proton-proton interactions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV in the CMS experiment at the LHC / Shmatov, S.V.
Cumulative production of pions and kaons in proton - nucleus interactions at energies from 15-GeV to 65-GeV / Belyaev, I.M. ; Gavrishchuk, O.P. ; Zolin, L.S. ; Peresedov, V.F. [JINR-P1-93-5]
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CUMULATIVE HADRON PRODUCTION IN QUARK MODELS OF FLUCTON FRAGMENTATION / Efremov, A.V. ; Kaidalov, A.B. ; Kim, V.T. ; Lykasov, G.I. ; Slavin, N.V. [JINR-E2-87-355]
Searches for signals from microscopic black holes in processes of proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV in the CMS experiment at the LHC / Savina, M.V.
Measurement of forward-backward asymmetry $A_{FB}$ and of the weak mixing angle in processes of dilepton production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV in the CMS experiment at the LHC / Gorbunov, I.N. ; Shmatov, S.V.
Cumulative hadrons in proton nuclear interactions with energy 15-GeV to 60-GeV / Gavrishchuk, O.P. ; Peresedov, V.F. ; Zolin, L.S.
Cumulative Pion Production in Nuclear Collisions / Burov, V.V ; Lukyanov, V.K. ; Titov, A.I.
Fragmentation of tensor polarized deuterons into cumulative pions / Afanasiev, S V ; Arkhipov, V V ; Bondarev, V K ; Ehara, M ; Filippov, G ; Fukui, S ; Hasegawa, S ; Hasegawa, T ; Horikawa, N ; Isupov, A Yu ; et al [E1-98-319] [JINR-E1-98-319]
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Cumulative hadron production in quark models of flucton fragmentation / Efremov, A V ; Kaidalov, A B ; Kim, V T ; Lykasov, G I ; Slavin, N V [JINR-E2-87-255]
Relativistic nuclear physics at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research / Malakhov, A.I. ; Sisakian, A.N. ; Sorin, Alexander Savelievich ; Vokal, S. [JINR-P1-2006-93]
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Emergence of a nonuniform pion condensate in the (1 + 1)-dimensional Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model / Gubina, N.V. ; Zhukovsky, V.Ch. ; Klimenko, K.G. ; Kurbanov, S.G.
Experimental data on inclusive cross section for cumulative production of pions, kaons, antiprotons and the quark-parton structure function of nuclei / Baldin, A ; Bondarev, V K ; Ghiordanescu, N ; Khrenov, A N ; Litvinenko, A G ; Manyatovsky, A N ; Moroz, N S ; Panebratsev, Yu A ; Pentia, M ; Rikhvistky, S V ; et al [E1-82-472] [JINR-E1-82-472]
Search for D-state effects in cumulative pion production off polarized deuterons / Zolin, L. ; Afanasev, S. ; Arkhipov, V. ; Bondarev, V. ; Isupov, A. ; Kashirin, V. ; Khrenov, A. ; Kolesnikov, V. ; Ladygin, V. ; Litvinenko, A. ; et al
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