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International Workshop on Flavour and Spin in Hadronic and Electromagnetic Interactions / Balestra, F ; Bertini, R ; Garfagnini, R
7th International Symposium on Heavy-flavour Physics
External link: Conference home page
34th Rencontre de Moriond / Trân Thanh Vân, Jean
External link: Conference home page
Spring School on Heavy-flavour Physics // Zuoz, Switzerland - 5 - 13 Apr 1988
11th International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering / Kim, Victor T ; Lipatov, Lev N
External link: Conference home page
A possible mechanism of the heavy quark flavour production / Dorokhov, A E ; Kochelev, N I [JINR-E2-89-407]
6th International Symposium on Heavy-flavour Physics / Costantini, Flavio ; Giorgi, Marcello A
QCD Workshop / Narison, Stéphan
81st International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" : Theory of Fundamental Interactions / Costa, Giovanni ; Gatto, Raffaele R
31st Rencontre de Moriond : Hadronic Session / Trân Thanh Vân, Jean
External link: Conference home page
Flavour Separation of Helicity Distributions from Deep Inelastic Muon-Deuteron Scattering / Alekseev, M. ; Alexakhin, V.Yu. ; Alexandrov, Yu. ; Alexeev, G.D. ; Amoroso, A. ; Austregesilo, A. ; Badelek, B. ; Balestra, F. ; Ball, J. ; Barth, J. ; et al [arXiv:0905.2828CERN-PH-EP-2009-008]
External link: DURHAM e-proceeding
rho0 meson production in the pp ---> pp pi+ pi- reaction at 3.67-GeV/c / Balestra, F. ; Bedfer, Y. ; Bertini, R. ; Bland, L.C. ; Brenschede, A. ; Brochard, F. ; Bussa, M.P. ; Choi, Seon-ho ; Colantoni, M.L. ; Dressler, R. ; et al [hep-ex/0209004]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY DOI PRLTA DURHAM e-proceeding
Strangeness production and polarization at superLEAR: Letter of intent to the CERN SPSLC / Bertini, R. ; Arvieux, J. ; Balestra, F. ; Bedfer, Y. ; Bland, L.C. ; Bossolasco, S. ; Brochard, F. ; Bussa, M.P. ; Falomkin, I.V. ; Fava, L. ; et al [CERN-SPSLC-92-40CERN-SPSLC-I-190]
External link: CERNKEY
24th Rencontre de Moriond : Particle Physics Meeting, Hadronic Session / Trân Thanh Vân, Jean
23rd Rencontre de Moriond. Particle Physics Meeting / Trân Thanh Vân, Jean

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