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International Workshop on Anharmonic Properties of High-Tc Cuprates / Mihailovic, D ; Ruani, G ; Kaldis, E ; Müller, K A
2nd International Workshop on Phase Separation in Cuprate Superconductors / Sigmund, Ernst ; Müller, K
International Conference on Stripes, Lattice Stabilities and High $T_{c}$ Superconductivity / Bianconi, A ; Saini, N L
High-Temperature Cuprate Superconductors: Experiment, Theory, and Applications / / Plakida, Nikolay.
Fulltext : Download fulltextPDF;
NATO Advanced Study Institute on High-Tc Superconductors and Related Materials / Drechsler, S L ; Misonov, T
Phase properties of the anharmonic oscillator states / Gantsog, T ; Tanas, R [JINR-E17-90-336]
Anharmonic model for high-T$_{c}$ superconductors / Plakida, N M ; Aksenov, V L ; Drechsler, S L [E17-87-198] [JINR-E17-87-198]
Topical Conference of the International Cryogenic Materials Conference: Superconductors for Practical Applications / Collings, E W ; Weber, H W ; Zhou, L
2nd International Conference on New Theories, Discoveries and Applications of Superconductors and Related Materials / Bagayoko, D ; Fan, J D ; Malozovsky, Y M
Phase properties of self-squeezed states generated by the anharmonic oscillator / Gantsog, T ; Tanas, R [JINR-E17-90-340]
Inelastic neutron scattering in the anharmonic model of high-T$_{c}$ superconductors / Plakida, N M ; Aksenov, V L ; Drechsler, S L ; Galbaatar, T ; Stamenkovic, S [E17-89-670] [JINR-E17-89-670]
Electronic spectrum in high-temperature cuprate superconductors / Plakida, N.M. ; Oudovenko, V.S. [cond-mat/0610163JINR-E17-2006-96]
23rd International Conference on Low Temperature Physics / Iye, Yasuhiro ; Maekawa, Sadamichi
External link: Conference home page
Theory of High-Tempereature Superdonductivity in Cuprates / N.M. Plakida
9th International Conference on Muon Spin Rotation, Relaxation and Resonance / Heffner, R H ; Noakes, D R ; Percival, P W
External link: Conference home page

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