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Collapse of the N=28 shell closure in Si-42 / Bastin, B. ; Grevy, S. ; Sohler, D. ; Sorlin, O. ; Dombradi, Zs. ; Achouri, N.L. ; Angelique, J.C. ; Azaiez, F. ; Baiborodin, D. ; Borcea, R. ; et al [arXiv:0705.4526]
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Spectroscopy around N = 20 shell closure: beta-n decay study of Al-35 / Timis, C. ; Angelique, J.C. ; Buta, A. ; Achouri, N.L. ; Baiborodin, D. ; Baumann, P. ; Borcea, C. ; Courtin, S. ; Dessagne, P. ; Dlouhy, Z. ; et al
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Reduction of the Spin-Orbit Splittings at the N=28 Shell Closure / Gaudefroy, L. ; Sorlin, O. ; Beaumel, D. ; Blumenfeld, Y. ; Dombradi, Z. ; Fortier, S. ; Franchoo, S. ; Gelin, M. ; Gibelin, J. ; Grevy, S. ; et al
Shape evolution in heavy sulfur isotopes and erosion of the N=28 shell closure / Sohler, D. ; Dombradi, Zs. ; Timar, J. ; Sorlin, O. ; Azaiez, F. ; Amorini, F. ; Belleguic, M. ; Bourgeois, C. ; Donzaud, C. ; Duprat, J. ; et al
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A shell closure at N=164: spherical or deformed? / Rigol, J [JINR-E7-96-145]
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Extremes of nuclear structure: discovery of the shell closures N=162 and Z=108 / Lazarev, Yu A [JINR-E7-96-82]
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Influence of proton shell closure on production and identification of new superheavy nuclei / Kuzmina, A.N. ; Adamian, G.G. ; Antonenko, N.V. ; Scheid, W.
Shell closure at N=164: Spherical or deformed? / Rigol, Jorge
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$\alpha$ decay of $^{273}$110: shell closure at N=162 / Lazarev, Yu A ; Lobanov, Yu V ; Oganessian, Yu T ; Utyonkov, V K ; Abdullin, F S ; Polyakov, A N ; Rigol, J ; Shirokovsky, I V ; Tsyganov, Yu S ; Iliev, S ; et al [JINR-E7-95-552]
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Shape coexistence and the N=28 shell closure far from stability / Sarazin, F. ; Savajols, H. ; Mittig, W. ; Nowacki, F. ; Orr, N.A. ; Ren, Z. ; Roussel-Chomaz, P. ; Auger, G. ; Baiborodin, D. ; Belozyorov, A.V. ; et al [GANIL-P-99-36]
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Prolate-Spherical Shape Coexistence at N=28 in $^{44}$S / Force, C. ; Grevy, S. ; Gaudefroy, L. ; Sorlin, O. ; Caceres, L. ; Rotaru, F. ; Mrazek, J. ; Achouri, N.L. ; Angelique, J.C. ; Azaiez, F. ; et al [arXiv:1007.4943GANIL-P-2010-008]
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Infinite-dimensional algebra of general covariance group as the closure of finite-dimensional algebras of conformal and linear groups / Ogievetsky, V.I.
Properties of very neutronrich nuclei near the shell closures N = 20 and N = 28 / Penionzhkevich, Yu E [E799269] [JINRE799269]
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Experimental approaches to double shell closures far from stability / Lewitowicz, M. ; Grzywacz, R. ; Anne, R. ; Auger, G. ; Bazin, D. ; Borcea, C. ; Borrel, V. ; Corre, J.M. ; Dorfler, T. ; Fomichov, A. ; et al [GANIL-P-95-20C95-06-19.2]

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