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Measurements of the neutron electric to magnetic form-factor ratio G(En) / G(Mn) via the H-2(polarized-e, e-prime,polarized-n)H-1 reaction to Q**2 = 1.45-(GeV/c)**2 / Plaster, B. ; Semenov, A.Yu. ; Aghalaryan, A. ; Crouse, E. ; MacLachlan, G. ; Tajima, S. ; Tireman, W. ; Ahmidouch, A. ; Anderson, B.D. ; Arenhovel, H. ; et al [nucl-ex/0511025JLAB-PHY-06-504]
External links: DOI JLAB OSTI PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Recoil Polarization Measurements of the Proton Electromagnetic Form Factor Ratio to Q^2 = 8.5 GeV^2 / Puckett, A.J.R. ; Brash, E.J. ; Jones, M.K. ; Luo, W. ; Meziane, M. ; Pentchev, L. ; Perdrisat, C.F. ; Punjabi, V. ; Wesselmann, F.R. ; Ahmidouch, A. ; et al [arXiv:1005.3419JLAB-PHY-10-1155]
External links: DOI JLAB e-proceeding
Calibration of a neutron polarimeter in the 0.2-GeV - 1.1-GeV region / Semenov, A.Yu. ; Zhang, W.M. ; Madey, R. ; Ahmidouch, A. ; Anderson, B.D. ; Assamagan, K. ; Avery, S. ; Baldwin, A.R. ; Crowell, A.S. ; Eden, T. ; et al [JLAB-PHY-06-461]
External links: JLAB OSTI e-proceeding
Proton elastic form-factor ratios to Q**2 = 3.5-GeV**2 by polarization transfer / Punjabi, V. ; Perdrisat, C.F. ; Aniol, K.A. ; Baker, F.T. ; Berthot, J. ; Bertin, P.Y. ; Bertozzi, W. ; Besson, A. ; Bimbot, L. ; Boeglin, W.U. ; et al [nucl-ex/0501018JLAB-PHY-05-292]
External links: DOI JLAB OSTI PHRVA-C e-proceeding

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