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The New ECR ion source DECRIS-4 (Project) / Leporis, M. ; Efremov, A.A. ; Bogomolov, S.L. ; Gulbekian, G.G. [JINR-E9-2003-130]
External links: DUBNA2 Fulltext Fulltext
The new ion source DECRIS-4 for the second phase of DRIBs project / Leporis, M. ; Bekhterev, V. ; Bogomolov, V. ; Efremov, A. ; Gulbekian, G. ; Kostyukhov, Yu.
External link: JACOW
The ECR ion source DECRIS / Efremov, A. ; Kutner, V.B. ; Pivarc, J. ; Lebedev, A.N. ; Chugreev, V.A.
External links: ADSABS RSINA e-proceeding
Axial injection systems with ECR ion sources for U-400 and U-400M cyclotrons. / Gulbekian, G.G. ; Kolesov, I.V. ; Oganessian, Yu.Ts. ; Kutner, V.B. ; Bogomolov, S.L. ; Melnikov, V.N. ; Ivanenko, I.A. ; Bekhterev, V.V. ; Efremov, A.A. ; Gikal, B.N. ; et al
Calculation of gas mixing effect in ECR ion source / Zhao, Hong-wei ; Efremov, A.A. ; Kutner, V.B. [JINR-E9-94-398C94-09-19.2]
Ion source decris / Efremov, A.A. ; Kutner, V.B. ; Lebedev, A.N. ; Pivarc, J. ; Chugreev, V.A. [JINR-E9-93-162C93-05-06.1]
The Magnetic structure calculation for the ion source DECRIS-14 / Akishin, P.G. ; Efremov, A.A. ; Kutner, V.B. [JINR-P9-91-0555]
Calculation of ion charge state distributions in ECR ion sources / Shirkov, G.D. [JINR-P9-90-581]
Ion source DECRIS / Efremov, A A ; Kutner, V B ; Lebedev, A N ; Pivarc, J ; Chugreev, V A [E9-93-162] [JINR-E9-93-162]
The new 14-GHz ion source for the U-400 heavy ion cyclotron / Leporis, M. ; Bekhterev, V.V. ; Bogomolov, S.L. ; Efremov, A. ; Gulbekian, G. ; Kostyukhov, Yu. ; Lebedev, N. ; Loginov, V.N. ; Yazvitsky, Yu.
External link: JACOW
Production of ion beams with the use of ECR ion sources / Pivarc, J. ; Lebedev, A.N. ; Pivarc, J., Jr. [JINR-E13-97-285]
External link: CERNKEY
Dubna electron cylotron resonance ion source (DECRIS)-14-2: Results of the first operation / Efremov, A. ; Kutner, V.B. ; Lebedev, A.N. ; Loginov, V.N. ; Yazvitsky, N. ; Zhao, H.
External links: ADSABS DOI RSINA e-proceeding
Highly charged ion production in ECR source of heavy ions / Shirkov, G. [CERN-PS-94-33]
Fundamental processes determining the highly charged ion production in ECR ion sources / Shirkov, G.D. [JINR-E9-92-33]
External links: DOI SCIDIR e-proceeding
Ion mixing and numerical simulation of different ions produced in the ECR ion source / Shirkov, G.D. [JINR-E9-96-126]

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