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The Role of mass asymmetry and shell structure in the evaporation residues production / Fazio, G. ; Giardina, G. ; Lamberto, A. ; Muminov, A.I. ; Nasirov, A.K. ; Yakhshiev, U.T. ; Oganessian, Yu.T. ; Popeko, A.G. ; Sagaidak, R.N. ; Yeremin, A.V. ; et al [nucl-th/0211024]
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Effects of shell structure in reactions leading to the same compound nucleus or different isotopes / Nasirov, A.K. ; Fazio, G. ; Giardina, G. ; Lamberto, A. ; Ruggeri, R. ; Taccone, A. ; Muminov, A.I. ; Hanappe, F. ; Palamara, R. ; Stuttge, L. [nucl-th/0111034]
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Quasifission and difference in formation of evaporation residues in the O-16 + W-184 and F-19 + Ta-181 reactions / Nasirov, A.K. ; Mandaglio, G. ; Manganaro, M. ; Muminov, A.I. ; Fazio, G. ; Giardina, G. [arXiv:0908.1957]
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Role of the target orientation angle and orbital angular momentum in the evaporation residue production / Fazio, Giovanni ; Giardina, Giorgio ; Hanappe, Francis ; Mandaglio, Giuseppe ; Manganaro, Marina ; Muminov, Akhtam I. ; Nasirov, Avazbek K. ; Sacca, Carmelo [arXiv:0809.3685]
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Strong influence of the entrance channel on the formation of compound nuclei Th216,222* and their evaporation residues / Fazio, G. ; Giardina, G. ; Mandaglio, G. ; Ruggeri, R. ; Muminov, A.I. ; Nasirov, A.K. ; Oganessian, Yu.Ts. ; Popeko, A.G. ; Sagaidak, R.N. ; Yeremin, A.V. ; et al
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Effects of the entrance channel and fission barrier in synthesis of superheavy element $Z$=120 / Nasirov, A.K. ; Mandaglio, G. ; Giardina, G. ; Sobiczewski, A. ; Muminov, A.I. [arXiv:1109.2013]
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Dynamics of dinuclear system formation and its decay in heavy ion collisions / Nasirov, Avazbek ; Giardina, Giorgio ; Mandarglio, Giuseppe ; Manganaro, Marina ; Scheid, Werner [arXiv:1103.4847]
Quasifission and fusion-fission in massive nuclei reactions. Comparison of reactions leading to the Z=120 element / Nasirov, A.K. ; Giardina, G. ; Mandaglio, G. ; Manganaro, M. ; Hanappe, F. ; Heinz, S. ; Hofmann, S. ; Muminov, A.I. ; Scheid, W. [arXiv:0812.4410]
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Isotopic dependence of fusion cross-sections in reactions with heavy nuclei / Adamian, G.G. ; Antonenko, N.V. ; Scheid, W. [nucl-th/9911078]
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Investigation on the 48Ca+249-252Cf reactions synthesizing isotopes of the superheavy element 118 / Mandaglio, G. ; Giardina, G. ; Nasirov, A.K. ; Sobiczewski, A. [arXiv:1212.1557]
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Entrance Channel Effects in the Production of Evaporation Residues in Heavy-Ion Fusion Reactions / Sagaidak, R N ; Kniajeva, G N ; Itkis, I M ; Itkis, M G ; Kondratev, N A ; Kozulin, E M ; Pokrovsky, I V ; Voskressensky, V M ; Yeremin, A V ; Corradi, L ; et al [JINR-E7-2003-149]
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On ionic charge distributions of heavy evaporation residues passing through a carbon foil / Sagaidak, R N ; Yeremin, A V [E7-93-356] [JINR-E7-93-356]
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Studies of formation of fusion evaporation residues with Z $\geq$ 83 in heavy ion reactions / Andreyev, A N ; Bogdanov, D D ; Chepigin, V I ; Cherepanov, E A ; Kabachenko, A P ; Malyshev, O N ; Mikchajlov, K V ; Muzychka, Yu A ; Popeko, G S ; Pustylnik, B I ; et al [JINR-E15-91-411]
Angular anisotropy of the fusion-fission and quasifission fragments / Nasirov, A.K. ; Muminov, A.I. ; Utamuratov, R.K. ; Fazio, G. ; Giardina, G. ; Hanappe, F. ; Mandaglio, G. ; Manganaro, M. ; Scheid, W. [arXiv:0705.2748]
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Role of the entrance channel in the production of complex fragments in fusion-fission and quasifission reactions in the framework of the dinuclear system model / Kalandarov, Sh.A. ; Adamian, G.G. ; Antonenko, N.V. ; Scheid, W. ; Wieleczko, J.P.

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