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An Ionization chamber for (n, z) reaction cross-section measurements on gaseous targets / Machrafi, R. ; Kim, Guin-yun ; Son, Dong-chul ; Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Salatski, V.I. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Andrzejewski, J. ; Szalanski, P. [nucl-ex/0212007]
A new method for nuclear-reaction network analysis, element production in S-Cl region during the He and C burning in 25 solar mass stars / Szalanski, P. ; Padureanu, I. ; Stepinski, M. ; Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Machrafi, R. ; Oprea, A. ; Aranghel, D. [astro-ph/0211595]
Element Production in the S-Cl Region During Carbon Burning in Massive Stars. Using Computer Systems for Modeling of the Nuclear-Reaction Network / Szalanski, P ; Stempinski, M ; Marganeic, A ; Gledenov, Yu M ; Sedyshev, P V ; Machrafi, R ; Oprea, A ; Padureanu, I ; Aranghel, D [JINR-P10-2002-192] [P10-2002-192]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
PULSE CONTROLLER FOR A STREAMER CHAMBER GASEOUS FLUX / Glagoleva, N.S. ; Dementev, E.A. ; Matyushin, A.T. ; Matyushin, V.T. [JINR-P13-12526]
Measurements of the Zn-64 (n,alpha) Ni-61 cross-section at E(n) = 5.0-MeV to 6.75-MeV / Gledenov, Yuri M. ; Sedysheva, Milana V. ; Sedyshev, Pavel V. ; Oprea, Alexander ; Chen, Ze-min ; Chen, Ying-Tang ; Yuan, Jing ; Zhang, Guo-hui ; Tang, Guo-you ; Khuukhenkhuu, Gonchigdorj ; et al [nucl-ex/0211032]
External link: CERNKEY
Investigation of the Triton Emission Asymmetry in the $^{6}$Li(n, alpha)$^{3}$H Reaction with Polarized Thermal Neutrons / Gledenov, Yu M ; Vesna, V A ; Nesvizhevsky, V V ; Petukhov, A K ; Sedyshev, P V ; Soldner, T ; Shulgina, E V ; Zimmer, O [JINR-P3-2002-151] [P3-2002-151]
Fulltext: PDF
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anti-p p annihilation into two neutral meson final states from a gaseous hydrogen target / Ableev, V. ; Agnello, M. ; Andrighetto, A. ; Balestra, F. ; Belli, G. ; Bendiscioli, G. ; Bertin, A. ; Bonazzola, G.C. ; Botta, E. ; Bressani, T. ; et al
Investigation of the triton emission asymmetry in the sup 6 Li(n, alpha) sup 3 H reaction with polarized thermal neutrons / Gledenov, Yu M ; Nesvizhevsky, V V ; Petukhov, A K ; Sedyshev, P V ; Shulgina, E V ; Soldner, T ; Vesna, V A ; Zimmer, O [JINR-R3-2002-151]
External links: fulltext fulltext
Cross-section measurement and analysis for the Sm-149 (n, alpha) Nd-146 reaction at 6.0 MeV / Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Zhang, Guohui ; Khuukhenkhuu, G. ; Sedysheva, M.V. ; Szalanski, P.J. ; Koehler, P.E. ; Liu, Jiaming ; Wu, Hao ; Liu, Xiang ; Chen, Jinxiang
The Measurement reserve system for multiparameter measurements for the ionization chamber with two grids / Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Ermakov, V.A. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Sedysheva, M.V. ; Tishin, V.G. [JINR-P10-95-438]
Monte Carlo simulation of ionization and nuclear processes initiated by hadron and ion beams in media / Barashenkov, V.S.
External links: ADSABS DOI e-proceeding
Cross sections of the Nd-143 (n, alpha) Ce-140 and Sm-147 (n, alpha) Nd-144 reactions in the MeV neutron energy region / Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Sedysheva, M.V. ; Stolupin, V.A. ; Zhang, Guohui ; Zhang, Jiaguo ; Wu, Hao ; Liu, Jiaming ; Chen, Jinxiang ; Khuukhenkhuu, G. ; Koehler, P.E. ; et al
A profile-based gaseous detector with capacitive pad readout as the prototype of the shower maximum detector for the endcap electromagnetic calorimeter for the STAR experiment / Averichev, G. ; Chernenko, S. ; Matyushevsky, E. ; Nikiforov, A. ; Panebratsev, Yu. ; Potrebenikova, E. ; Razin, D. ; Razin, S. ; Smykov, L. ; Skoro, G. ; et al
Ionization and scintillation response of high-pressure xenon gas to alpha particles / Alvarez, V. ; Borges, F.I.G. ; Carcel, S. ; Cebrian, S. ; Cervera, A. ; Conde, C.A.N. ; Dafni, T. ; Diaz, J. ; Egorov, M. ; Esteve, R. ; et al [arXiv:1211.4508]
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Analytical and Monte Carlo computations of the energy losses by ionization and their fluctuations in 3,4He / Preda, T. ; Preda, S.

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