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Development of laser measurements at the ATLAS tile calorimeter module production / Batusov, V.Yu. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Flyagin, Vladimir B. ; Khubua, Zh.I. ; Lomakin, Yu.F. ; Lyablin, M.V. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Topilin, N.D. [JINR-E13-2001-257]
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ATLAS hadron tile calorimeter: Experience in prototype construction and module mass production / Batusov, V.Yu. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Kulchitsky, Yu.A. ; Lyablin, M.V. ; Nessi, M. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Sisakian, A.N. ; Topilin, N.D. ; Khubua, D.I.
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High precision laser control of the ATLAS tile-calorimeter module mass production at JINR / Batusov, V. ; Budagov, Yu. ; Flyagin, Vladimir B. ; Khubua, Zh. ; Lomakin, Yu. ; Lyablin, M. ; Rusakovich, N. ; Shabalin, D. ; Topilin, N.
Electromagnetic cell level calibration for ATLAS tile calorimeter modules / Kulchitsky, Yu.A. ; Tsiareshka, P.V. ; Budagov, J.A. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Vinogradov, V.B. ; Khubua, J.I. ; Henriques, A.M. ; Davidek, T. ; Tokar, S. ; Solodkov, Alexander A. ; et al [ATL-TILECAL-PUB-2007-001]
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Study of the transition effect with the ATLAS tile calorimeter / Henriques, A.M. ; Budagov, J.A. ; Khoriauli, G.D. ; Khubua, Zh.I. ; Kulchitsky, Yu.A. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Tsiareshka, P.V. ; Vinogradov, V.B. [ATL-COM-TILECAL-2006-007]
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The ATLAS hadronic tile calorimeter: From construction toward physics / Adragna, P. ; Cavasinni, V. ; Costanzo, D. ; Del Prete, T. ; Dotti, A. ; Flaminio, V. ; Lupi, A. ; Mazzoni, E. ; Roda, C. ; Sarri, F. ; et al
ATLAS Barrel hadron tile calorimeter: Spacers plates mass production / Artikov, A.M. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Khubua, Z. ; Lebedev, A.I. ; Lyablin, M.V. ; Lomakin, Yu.F. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Shabalin, D.E. ; Shchelchkov, A.S. ; Sisakian, A.N. ; et al [JINR-E1-99-79]
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Radioactive sources for ATLAS hadron tile calorimeter calibration / Budagov, Yu.A. ; Cavalli-Sforza, M. ; Ivanyushenkov, Yu. ; Karyukhin, A. ; Kopikov, S. ; Lebedev, A. ; Lomakin, Yu. ; Miralles, L. ; Nessi, M. ; Recasens, M. ; et al [JINR-E13-97-104]
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Noncompensation of the barrel TILE hadron module 0 calorimeter / Kulchitsky, Y.A. ; Vinogradov, V.B. [hep-ex/9903054JINR-E1-99-12JINR-E1-99-012]
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Development and application of high-precision metrology for the ATLAS tile-calorimeter construction. (Pre-assembly experience and lessons) / Batusov, V.Yu. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Khubua, Zh.I. ; Lyablin, M.V. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Sisakian, A.N. ; Topilin, N.D. ; Gayde, J.C. ; Henriques Correia, A. ; Lasseur, C. ; et al [JINR-E13-2004-177]
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Hadronic shower parametrization in ATLAS iron-scintillator tile calorimeter / Kulchitsky, Yu.A.
The e/h Ratio of the ATLAS Hadronic Tile Calorimeter / Budagov, Yu A ; Kulchitskii, Yu A ; Kuzmin, M V ; Vinogradov, V B [E1-2002-13] [JINR-E1-2002-13]
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Development and application of the complex hardware/software system for controlled assembly of the ATLAS hadron tile calorimeter / Batusov, V.Yu. ; Lyablin, M.V. ; Topilin, N.D.
Time resolution of the ATLAS Tile calorimeter and its performance for a measurement of heavy stable particles / Leitner, R. ; Tas, P. ; Shmakova, V.V. [ATL-TILECAL-PUB-2007-002ATL-COM-TILECAL-2007-008]
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The e/h ratio of the ATLAS hadronic tile calorimeter / Budagov, J.A. ; Kulchitsky, Y.A. ; Kuzmin, M.V. ; Vinogradov, V.B. [JINR-E1-2002-13]
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