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Ring recognition in RICH detector using the elastic net / Gorbunov, S. ; Kisel, I. ; Tretyak, V.
Ring recognition method based on the elastic neural net / Gorbunov, S. ; Kisel, I. ; Tretyak, V.
Robust methods for RICH ring recognition and particle identification / Chernov, N. ; Kolganova, E. ; Ososkov, G.
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1st Workshop on Ring-imaging Cherenkov Detectors / Nappi, Eugenio ; Ypsilantis, Thomas
International Workshop on Ring-imaging Cerenkov Detectors : Techniques and results of Cherenkov light imaging in high energy physics / Ekelöf, T J C
Fast algorithms for ring recognition and electron identification in the CBM RICH detector / Lebedev, S.A. ; Ososkov, G.A.
8th International Workshop on Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors (RICH 2013) // Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan - 2 - 6 Dec 2013
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Elastic net for broken multiple scattered tracks / Kisel, I. ; Kovalenko, V.
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RING RECOGNITION IN THE CBM RICH DETECTOR / S. Lebedev ; G. Ososkov ; C. Hoehne [JINR-E10-2007-88]
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Ring recognition and electron identification in the RICH detector of the CBM experiment at FAIR / Lebedev, S. ; Hohne, C. ; Ososkov, G.
Elastic neural net for track and vertex search / Kisel, I. ; Konotopskaya, E. ; Kovalenko, V.
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Recognition of continuous characteristics by formal neural nets / Nazarenko, M.A. [JINR-P10-97-55]
Novel approach in RICH data handling / Ososkov, G.A.
Cellular automaton and elastic net for event reconstruction in the NEMO-2 experiment / Kisel, I. ; Kovalenko, V. ; Laplanche, F. ; Arnold, R. ; Augier, C. ; Barabash, A. ; Blum, D. ; Brudanin, V. ; Campagne, Jean-Eric ; Dassie, D. ; et al
External links: DOI SCIDIR e-proceeding
Cherenkov ring fitting techniques for the CERES RICH detectors / Agakishiev, G. ; Ososkov, G.A. ; Panebratsev, Yu. ; Drees, A. ; Glassel, P. ; Irmscher, D. ; Pfeiffer, A. ; Specht, H.J. ; Ullrich, T. ; Steiner, V. ; et al
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