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Population of isomers in decay of giant dipole resonance / Tsoneva, N. ; Stoyanov, Ch. ; Gangrsky, Yu.P. ; Ponomarev, V.Yu. ; Balabanov, N.P. ; Tonchev, A.P. [nucl-th/9909039]
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Excitation of the Isomeric States 1h_{11/2} in the Nuclear Reactions with gammaRays, Neutrons and at betaDecay / Belov, A G ; Gangrsky, Yu P ; Melnikova, L M ; Ponomarev, V Yu ; Tsoneva, N ; Stoyanov, C ; Tonchev, A P ; Balabanov, N P [JINRP152000139] [P52000139]
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Measurement of isomeric ratios in ($\gamma$, n)-reactions for the barium isotopes in the giant dipole resonance region / Tonchev, A P ; Gangrsky, Yu P ; Belov, A G ; Balabanov, N P ; Hristov, H G [JINR-E15-95-91]
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Excitation of isomeric states 1h$_{11/2}$ in ($\gamma$,n) reactions / Tonchev, A P ; Gangrsky, Yu P ; Belov, A G ; Balabanov, N P [JINR-E15-95-264]
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Excitation of the high-spin $^{180}$Hf isomer and deexcitation of the $^{180}$Ta isomer in ($\gamma$, $\gamma$') reactions / Belov, A G ; Gangrsky, Yu P ; Tonchev, A P ; Zuzaan, P [JINR-E15-95-396]
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Deformation on isomeric excitation of Eu isotopes in (gamma, n) and (n, gamma) reactions / Tonchev, A.P. ; Gangrsky, Yu.P. ; Belov, A.G. ; Zhuchko, V.E.
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Excitation of the high-spin isomers $^{180m}$Hf, $^{190m}$Os and $^{204m}$Pb in ($\gamma$,$\gamma$') reactions / Balabanov, N P ; Belov, A G ; Gangrsky, Yu P ; Kondev, F G ; Tonchev, A P [JINR-E15-93-370]
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On the possible existence of hadron isomers / Pontecorvo, B.
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Giant dipole resonance in deformed nuclei: Dependence on Skyrme forces / Nesterenko, V.O. ; Kleinig, W. ; Kvasil, J. ; Vesely, P. ; Reinhard, P.-G. [nucl-th/0610040]
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Isotonic Changes of Nuclear-Charge Radii / Gangrsky, Yu P ; Marinova, K P ; Markov, B N ; Nadjakov, E G [JINR-E17-92-017]
Transitions between complex configurations in the excitation of the double giant resonance / Ponomarev, V.Yu. ; Bertulani, C.A. [nucl-th/9712028]
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Description of T$_{>}$ giant dipole resonances in deformed nuclei / Soloviev, V G ; Sushkov, A V [JINR-E4-84-187]
Description of the dipole giant resonance in heavy and superheavy nuclei within Skyrme random-phase approximation / Kleinig, W. ; Nesterenko, V.O. ; Kvasil, J. ; Reinhard, P.-G. ; Vesely, P. [arXiv:0805.4787]
The Isomeric Ratios in Some Photonuclear Reactions (y, n), (y, p), (y, 2n), and (y,np) Induced by Rremsstrahlungs with End-Point Energies in the Giant Dipole Resonance Region / T.D. Thiep ; T.T An ; N.T.Khai ; N.T.Vinh ; Ph.V. Cuong ; A.G. Belov and O.D. Maslov
ON SOME QUESTIONS OF THE POPULATION OF ISOMERIC STATES / Dzhelavian, L.Z. ; Kautz, V.L. ; Furman, V.I. ; Chuprikov, A.Yu. [JINR-P4-89-320]

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