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Status and test conditions of the klystron 5045 (SLAC) modulator for the LUE-200 accelerator of the IREN plant (FLNP, JINR) / Androsov, A.V. ; Antopov, V.K. ; Dolgov, A.M. ; Kaminsky, A.A. ; Konstantinov, V.I. ; Krasnykh, A.K. ; Kuperman, G.M. ; Laziev, E.M. ; Martynov, I.M. ; Metelkin, Yu.A. ; et al [JINR-P9-96-515]
LINAC LUE200: First testing results / Dolya, S.N. ; Furman, W.I. ; Kobets, V.V. ; Laziev, E.M. ; Metelkin, Yu.A. ; Shvets, V.A. ; Soumbaev, A.P. [physics/0008079LINAC2000-TUE11]
External links: CERNKEY ECONF
NLC klystron pulse modulator R & D at SLAC / Koontz, R. ; Akemoto, M. ; Gold, S. ; Krasnykh, A. ; Wilson, Z. [SLAC-REPRINT-1997-083]
External link: JACOW
2nd Modulator Klystron Workshop [SLAC-481] [UC-414]
European Pulsed Power Conference 2009 Incorporating The CERN Klystron Modulator Workshop // Geneva, Switzerland - 21 - 25 Sep 2009
Conference Home Page
5th Modulator-Klystron Workshop for Future Linear Colliders / Kehrer, T [CERN-PS-2001-043]
External links: Conference home page e-proceedings
A Pattern recognition approach to condition based plant maintenance / Pepelyshev, Y.N. ; Dzwinel, W. [JINR-E10-92-243]
The Free electron laser klystron amplifier concept / Saldin, E.L. ; Schneidmiller, E.A. ; Yurkov, M.V. [physics/0308060DESY-03-108]
Spin structure of nucleons: Experimental status / Savin, Igor A. ; Nagaitsev, A.P.
External link: PPNUE

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