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Electron beam emittance monitor for the SSC / Tsyganov, E. ; Meinke, R. ; Nexsen, W. ; Kauffmann, S. ; Zinchenko, A. ; Taratin, A. [SSCL-PREPRINT-179]
Decoherence of the SSC beam oscillation due to headon beam-beam collisions / Tsyganov, E. ; Meinke, R. ; Nexsen, W. ; Shih, H.J. ; Herath-Banda, M. ; Taratin, A. [PRINT-93-0641SSCL-PREPRINT-481]
External link: DOI e-proceeding
Compensation of the beam-beam effect in proton proton colliders / Tsyganov, E. ; Meinke, R. ; Nexsen, W. ; Zinchenko, A. [SSCL-PREPRINT-519]
External link: OSTI
Resonance excitation of the SSC beam halo by RF voltage pulses / Tsyganov, E. ; Shih, H.J. ; Taratin, A. [SSCL-609]
External link: OSTI
Ultrathin crystal scatterer for the SSC beam extraction system / Taratin, A. ; Tsyganov, E. ; Bavizhev, M. ; Chao, A. ; Shih, H.J. ; Toohig, T. [SSCL-545]
External link: OSTI
Resonance excitation of the SSC beam halo by electric pulses synchronized with RF voltage / Taratin, A.M. ; Tsyganov, E.N. ; Shih, H.J. [JINR-E9-92-459]
Beam halo crystal extraction from the Tevatron during collider runs / Tsyganov, E. ; Taratin, A. [SSCL-PREPRINT-569]
External link: SCIDIR e-proceeding
Detailed GEANT description of the SDC central calorimeters / Glagolev, V.V. ; Schmid, D. ; Siegrist, J. ; Takashima, M. ; Turcotte, M. ; Li, W. [JINR-E1-94-67]
External link: CERNKEY
On the emittance growth due to noise in hadron colliders and methods of its suppression / Aleksakhin, Yu.I.
External links: DOI SCIDIR e-proceeding
Innovations in accelerator technology / Tsyganov, E. ; Taratin, A. ; Zinchenko, A.
External links: ADSABS PPNUE PPNUE1
Extraction from TeV range accelerators using bent crystal channeling / Carrigan, Richard A., Jr. ; Chen, Dong ; Colestock, P. ; Herrup, D. ; Goderre, G. ; Jackson, G. ; Murphy, C.T. ; Stefanski, R. ; Baker, S. ; Mokhov, N. ; et al [FERMILAB-PUB-94-056]
External links: DOI FERMILABPUB SCIDIR e-proceeding
Low emittance magnetic structure for electron - positron storage rings / Aleksakhin, Yu.I. ; Kazarinov, N.Yu. [JINR-P9-91-124]
Computer simulation of accelerator beam extraction with a bent crystal / Taratin, A.M. [JINR-E9-94-255]
External link: SCIDIR e-proceeding
SDC muon barrel toroid 1/9.197 scale test model at SSC / Tseng, C. ; Gusakov, Y. ; Cherwinka, J.J. ; Wands, R.H. [SSCL-PREPRINT-416C93-05-06]
External link: OSTI
Correlation method of measurements of ion beam parameters / Artiomov, A.S. [JINR-E9-92-500C93-05-17]
External link: JACOW

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