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EMPACT: electrons muons partons as air core toroids: An Expression of interest for an experiment to be performed at the SSC / Steiner, R. ; Eklund, M.G. ; Forden, G.E. ; Jenkins, E.W. ; Rutherfoord, J.P. ; Shaver, L.S. ; Shupe, M.A. ; Shank, J.T. ; Whitaker, John Scott ; Wilson, R.J. ; et al [SSCL-SR-1161SSC-EOI0006]
External link: KEKSCAN
Letter of Intent to Write a Proposal for an experiment to be performed at the SSC by EMPACT/TEXAS / Steiner, R. ; Eklund, M.G. ; Forden, G.E. ; Jenkins, E.W. ; Rutherfoord, J.P. ; Shaver, L.S. ; Shupe, M.A. ; Booth, E. ; Carey, R. ; Dye, S. ; et al [SSCL-SR-1155SSC-LOI0003]
GEM technical design report / Lefmann, W.C. ; Steiner, R.V. ; Cico, B. ; Dodbibaj, A. ; Domi, N. ; Fuga, P. ; Karcanaj, L. ; Kasneci, A. ; Kedhi, M. ; Koji, S. ; et al [GEM-TN-93-262SSCL-SR-1219]
External link: OSTI
GEM letter of intent / Steiner, R. ; Negret, J.P. ; Forden, G.E. ; Rutherfoord, J.P. ; Shaver, L. ; Shupe, M.A. ; Chen, G. ; Dai, Z.Z. ; Dong, X.Y. ; Gao, Y.C. ; et al [SSCL-SR-1184GEM-TN-92-49]
A Method For The Design Of Air - Core Magnets In Toroidal geometry / Cooper, R K ; Beal, J W ; Neil, V K
External link: Fulltext
Empact muon telescope evaluation at Fermilab / Korytov, A. ; Lau, K. ; Mayes, B. ; Pinsky, Lawrence S. ; Weinstein, R. ; Marshall, T.R. ; Friedman, J.I. ; Hafen, E. ; Haridas, P. ; Kendall, H.W. ; et al [FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0819]
SDC muon barrel toroid 1/9.197 scale test model at SSC / Tseng, C. ; Gusakov, Y. ; Cherwinka, J.J. ; Wands, R.H. [SSCL-PREPRINT-416C93-05-06]
External link: OSTI
Expression of interest to the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory by the L* Collaboration / Ting, Samuel C.C. ; Baksay, L. ; Bussanitz, J. ; DeBionto, D. ; Junkinz, L. ; Liu, X. ; Pennington, T. ; Timko, M. ; Whitcomb, D. ; Wurtz, L. ; et al [SSCL-SR-1165SSC-EOI0010]
External link: KEKSCAN
4th Topical Seminar on Experimental Apparatus for High-energy Particle Physics and Astrophysics / Giusti, Paolo ; Navarria, Francesco Luigi ; Pelfer, P G
An expression of interest in a super fixed target beauty facility (SFT) at the Superconducting Super Collider / Cox, B. ; Anassontzis, S.E. ; Ioannu, P. ; Katsenevas, S. ; Kourkoumelis, C. ; Kalkanis, G. ; Premantiotis, T. ; Manousakis-Katsikakis, A. ; Resvanis, L.K. ; Spentzouris, P. ; et al [SSC-EOI0014DOE-ER-40518-T1]
External link: KEKSCAN
Resonance excitation of the SSC beam halo by RF voltage pulses / Tsyganov, E. ; Shih, H.J. ; Taratin, A. [SSCL-609]
External link: OSTI
Electron beam emittance monitor for the SSC / Tsyganov, E. ; Meinke, R. ; Nexsen, W. ; Kauffmann, S. ; Zinchenko, A. ; Taratin, A. [SSCL-PREPRINT-179]
The GEM Muon System Based on Cathode Strip Chambers / Collaboration, GEM [SSC-GEM-TN-92-199]
External link: FERMILABOTHER
Supersymmetry breaking and a normalizable wave function for the FRW (k = 0) cosmological model / Obregon, O. ; Socorro, J. ; Tkach, V.I. ; Rosales, J.J.
External link: CQGRD e-proceeding
Reparametrization invariance and the Schrodinger equation / Tkach, V.I. ; Pashnev, A.I. ; Rosales, J.J. [hep-th/9912282JINR-E2-99-311]
External link: CERNKEY

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