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First observation of P-odd asymmetry of α -particle emission in the $^{10}$B(n,α)$^{7}$Li nuclear reaction / Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Nesvizhevsky, V.V. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Shul'gina, E.V. ; Szalanski, P. ; Vesna, V.A.
External link: Article from SCOAP3 e-proceeding
Neutron physics at the JINR: 60 years of the I M Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics / Lychagin, E.V. ; Kozlenko, D.P. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Shvetsov, V.N.
Measurement of the parity-violating triton emission asymmetry in the reaction Li-6 (n, alpha) H-3 with polarized cold neutrons / Vesna, V.A. ; Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Nesvizhevsky, V.V. ; Petoukhov, A.K. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Soldner, T. ; Zimmer, O. ; Shulgina, E.V. [arXiv:0710.3694]
External link: PHRVA-C e-proceeding
A new method for nuclear-reaction network analysis, element production in S-Cl region during the He and C burning in 25 solar mass stars / Szalanski, P. ; Padureanu, I. ; Stepinski, M. ; Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Machrafi, R. ; Oprea, A. ; Aranghel, D. [astro-ph/0211595]
Measurements of the Zn-64 (n,alpha) Ni-61 cross-section at E(n) = 5.0-MeV to 6.75-MeV / Gledenov, Yuri M. ; Sedysheva, Milana V. ; Sedyshev, Pavel V. ; Oprea, Alexander ; Chen, Ze-min ; Chen, Ying-Tang ; Yuan, Jing ; Zhang, Guo-hui ; Tang, Guo-you ; Khuukhenkhuu, Gonchigdorj ; et al [nucl-ex/0211032]
External link: CERNKEY
An Ionization chamber for (n, z) reaction cross-section measurements on gaseous targets / Machrafi, R. ; Kim, Guin-yun ; Son, Dong-chul ; Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Salatski, V.I. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Andrzejewski, J. ; Szalanski, P. [nucl-ex/0212007]
Measurement of neutron capture on Ti-50 at thermonuclear energies / Sedyshev, P.V. ; Mohr, P. ; Beer, H. ; Oberhummer, H. ; Popov, Yu.P. ; Rochow, W. [nucl-ex/9907018]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY DOI PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Astrophysical neutron capture rates in s process and r process nucleosynthesis / Beer, H. ; Mohr, P. ; Oberhummer, H. ; Rauscher, T. ; Mutti, P. ; Corvi, F. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Popov, Yu.P. [nucl-ex/9706002]
External link: CERNKEY
Measurement of neutron capture on Ca-48 at thermal and thermonuclear energies / Beer, H. ; Coceva, C. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Popov, Yu.P. ; Herndl, H. ; Hofinger, R. ; Mohr, P. ; Oberhummer, H. [nucl-ex/9608002]
External links: ADSABS PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Measurement of direct neutron capture by neutron - rich sulfur isotopes / Beer, H. ; Coceva, C. ; Hofinger, R. ; Mohr, P. ; Oberhummer, H. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Popov, Yu.P. [nucl-ex/9609003]
Cross-section of S-36 (n, gamma) S-37 / Beer, H. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Popov, Yu.P. ; Balogh, W. ; Herndl, H. ; Oberhummer, H. [nucl-th/9510049]
External links: ADSABS DOI PHRVA-C e-proceeding
The Measurement reserve system for multiparameter measurements for the ionization chamber with two grids / Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Ermakov, V.A. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Sedysheva, M.V. ; Tishin, V.G. [JINR-P10-95-438]
Direct neutron capture of Ca-48 at kT = 52-keV / Mohr, P. ; Oberhummer, H. ; Beer, H. ; Rochow, W. ; Kolle, V. ; Staudt, G. ; Sedyshev, P.V. ; Popov, Yu.P. [nucl-ex/9706003]
External links: ADSABS PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Investigation of the Triton Emission Asymmetry in the $^{6}$Li(n, alpha)$^{3}$H Reaction with Polarized Thermal Neutrons / Gledenov, Yu M ; Vesna, V A ; Nesvizhevsky, V V ; Petukhov, A K ; Sedyshev, P V ; Soldner, T ; Shulgina, E V ; Zimmer, O [JINR-P3-2002-151] [P3-2002-151]
Fulltext: PDF
External links: Fulltext from JINR Dubna Fulltext
Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry Coefficient in the $^{35}(n, p)^{35}S$ Reaction for Resonance Neutrons / Vesna, V A ; Gledenov, Yu M ; Okunev, I S ; Oprya, A ; Salatskii, V I ; Sedyshev, P V ; Shalanski, P I [JINR-P-3-2002-175] [P-3-2002-175]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna

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