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Beam-helicity asymmetry in associated electroproduction of real photons $ep \to e\gamma\pi N$ in the $\Delta$-resonance region / Airapetian, A. ; Akopov, N. ; Aschenauer, E.C. ; Augustyniak, W. ; Avakian, R. ; Avetissian, A. ; Avetisyan, E. ; Blok, H.P. ; Bottcher, H. ; Borissov, A. ; et al [DESY-13-188arXiv:1310.5081arXiv:1310.5081]
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The 20th International Symposium on Spin Physics // Dubna, Russia - 17 - 22 Sep 2012
Conference Home Page ; e-mail:
1st NATO Advanced Research Workshop on QCD Hard Hadronic Processes / Cox, Bradley J
16th International Symposium on Lepton-photon Interactions / Drell, Persis S ; Rubin, David L
External link: Conference proceedings e-version
ECFA-CERN Workshop on Large Hadron Collider in the LEP tunnel / De Rújula, Alvaro ; Rückl, Reinhold [CERN-84-10-V-2] [CERN-TH-3892] [ECFA-84-085-V-2]
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The ATLAS Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider / Aad, G. ; Bentvelsen, S. ; Bobbink, G.J. ; Bos, K. ; Boterenbrood, H. ; Brouwer, G. ; Buis, E.J. ; Buskop, J.J.F. ; Colijn, A.P. ; Dankers, R. ; et al
Multiple exchanges in lepton pair production in high-energy heavy ion collisions / Bartos, E. ; Gevorkyan, S.R. ; Kuraev, E.A. ; Nikolaev, N.N. [hep-ph/0410263]
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Search for an exotic S = -2, Q = -2 baryon resonance at a mass near 1862-MeV in quasi-real photoproduction / Airapetian, A. ; Akopov, N. ; Akopov, Z. ; Amarian, M. ; Andrus, A. ; Aschenauer, E.C. ; Augustyniak, W. ; Avakian, R. ; Avetissian, A. ; Avetissian, E. ; et al [hep-ex/0412027DESY-04-239]
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