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The spin physics results from COMPASS / Kouznetsov, O.
Comparing T-odd and T-even spin sum rules / Teryaev, O.V.
7th International Seminar on High-energy Physics Problems [D-1-84-599] [D-2-84-599]
The Physics of Glueballs / Mathieu, Vincent ; Kochelev, Nikolai ; Vento, Vicente [arXiv:0810.4453]
External links: e-proceeding
Glueball-induced partonic energy loss in quark-gluon plasma / Min, Dong-Pil ; Kochelev, Nikolai [arXiv:0705.3493]
External link: PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Role of Glueballs in Non-Perturbative Quark-Gluon Plasma / Kochelev, Nikolai ; Min, Dong-Pil [hep-ph/0611250]
Light and heavy mesons, glueballs and analytic confinement / Ganbold, G.
External links: APCPC DOI e-proceeding
Infrared behavior and fixed points in Landau gauge QCD / Pawlowski, Jan M. ; Litim, Daniel F. ; Nedelko, Sergei ; von Smekal, Lorenz [hep-th/0312324FAU-TP3-03-12CERN-TH-2003-300SHEP-03-33]
External links: ADSABS CERNREP DOI PRLTA e-proceeding
Test of QCD and a measurement of LAMBDA from scaling violations in the nucleon structure function F$_{2}$(x,Q$^{2}$) at high Q$^{2}$ / Benvenuti, Alberto C ; Bollini, D ; Bruni, G ; Monari, L ; Navarria, Francesco Luigi ; Argento, A ; Cvach, J ; Lohmann, W ; Piemontese, L ; Todorova, G ; et al [CERN-EP-87-101] [JINR-E1-87-699]
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