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Investigation of the compressed baryonic matter at the GSI accelerator complex / Ladygin, V.P. ; Ablyazimov, T.O. ; Akishin, P.G. ; Akishina, E.P. ; Akishina, V.P. ; Baznat, M.I. ; Boguslavsky, I.V. ; Borshchov, V.N. ; Bychkov, A.V. ; Dementiev, D.V. ; et al
Measurement of the SMC muon beam polarization using the asymmetry in the elastic scattering off polarized electrons / Adams, D. ; Adeva, B. ; Akdogan, T. ; Arik, E. ; Arvidson, A. ; Badelek, B. ; Bardin, G. ; Baum, Guenter ; Berglund, P. ; Betev, L. ; et al [CERN-EP-99-090CERN-EP-99-90]
External link: CERNKEY e-proceeding
Investigation of Internal Amplification Effect at Planar ($p^{+}nn^{+}$) Structures Made of High Resistivity Silicon / Golubkov, S A ; Gurov, Yu B ; Gusev, K N ; Egorov, N N ; Zamiatin, N I ; Katulina, S L ; Kozlov, Yu F ; Konkov, K A ; Sandukovsky, V G ; Sidorov, A I ; et al [JINRP13200426] [P13200426]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
The Muons Registration Efficiency of the CMS ECAL Preshower in the Integrated Test / Avezov, A D ; Bisenov, N T ; Gramenitskii, I M ; Moissenz, P V ; Urkinbaev, A R ; Zamiatin, N I [E120006] [JINRE120006]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna

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11 Zamiatin, N.
3 Zamiatin, N.I.
6 Zamiatin, Nikolai
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