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The Qualitative theory of elementary transformations of one and multichannel quantum systems in the inverse problem approach. The construction of transformations with given spectral parameters / Zakharev, B.N. ; Chabanov, V.M.
External links: ADSABS DOI PPNUE e-proceeding
New degrees of freedom of spectral control of physical systems: Changing 'nonphysical' spectral parameters / Zakharev, B.N. ; Chabanov, V.M. ; Torchinov, V.V. [JINR-P4-98-176]
Coexistence of a bound state and scattering at the same energy value: A Quantum paradox / Chabanov, V.M. ; Zakharev, B.N. [JINR-E4-98-298]
External link: CERNKEY
Separation of a chosen state from an almost degenerated multiplet as an instructive space localization control / Zakharev, B.N. ; Mineev, M.A. [JINR-P4-96-280]
Bound states embedded into continuous spectrum as 'gathered' (compactified) scattering waves / Zakharev, B.N. ; Chabanov, V.M. [JINR-P4-95-248]
Transparent perturbations of periodic quantum systems (Unexpected inversion of the initial potentials) / Zakharev, B.N. ; Chabanov, V.M. [JINR-P4-95-234]
Tunneling between two inequivalent wells / Zakharev, B.N. ; Zastavenko, L.G. [JINR-P4-94-448]
Unexpected annihilation of states when bringing together (degenerating) the energy levels / Zakharev, B.N. ; Chabanov, V.M. [JINR-P4-94-461]
Absolutely transparent multichannels systems. Unexpected peculiarities / Zakharev, B.N. ; Chabanov, V.M. [JINR-P4-93-111]
External links: ADSABS DOI SCIDIR e-proceeding
Potential deformations removing the chosen energy levels / Zakharev, B.N. ; Chabanov, V.M. [JINR-P4-93-179]
To the theory of the management of the resonance widths: How to predict qualitatively the form of the corresponding potential perturbations / Zakharev, B.N. [JINR-P4-93-427]
Reconstruction of spectra in the discrete quantum mechanics (New elements of the lattice quantum engineering) / Zakharev, B.N. ; Serdyukova, S.I. [JINR-P4-92-10]
To the qualitative theory of the multichannel quantum systems / Zakharev, B.N. ; Nekhamkin, L.I. ; Chabanov, V.M. [JINR-P4-92-496]
'Schrodinger equations' of higher (>2) order / Zakharev, B.N. [JINR-P4-91-127]
Unusual solutions of the Schrodinger equation / Zakharev, B.N. [JINR-P4-91-98]

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1 Zakharev, B.N
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