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Mu2e Technical Design Report / Bartoszek, L. ; Barnes, E. ; Miller, J.P. ; Mott, J. ; Palladino, A. ; Quirk, J. ; Roberts, B.L. ; Crnkovic, J. ; Polychronakos, V. ; Tishchenko, V. ; et al [FERMILAB-TM-2594FERMILAB-DESIGN-2014-01arXiv:1501.05241]
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NEW RESULTS IN STUDYING OF THE COLLINEAR CLUSTER TRIPARTITION OF THE <sup>252</sup>Cf NUCLEUS / Yu. V. Pyatkov ; D. V. Kamanin ; W. Trzaska ; S. R. Yamaletdinov ; E. A. Sokol ; A. N. Tjukavkin ; A. A. Aleksandrov ; I. A. Aleksandrova ; S. V. Denisov ; V. P. Krajnov ; et al [JINR-E15-2004-65]
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The 4 pi fragment spectrometer FOBOS / Wagner, W. ; Ortlepp, H.G. ; Herbach, C.-M. ; Aleksandrov, A.A. ; Aleksandrova, I.A. ; Andrassy, M. ; Budzanowski, A. ; Czech, B. ; Danziger, M. ; Dietterle, L. ; et al [JINR-E13-97-118]
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Cluster approach to description of fission modes / Pyatkov, Yu.V. ; Adamian, G.G. ; Antonenko, N.V. ; Tishchenko, V.G. [JINR-E4-96-190]
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SUPERCONDUCTING MAGNET CALIBRATION STAND. CONSTRUCTION / Burinov, V.F. ; Kokavec, J. ; Kukarnikov, S.I. ; Lachinov, V.M. ; Preisendorf, V.A. ; Sabaev, A.A. ; Tishchenko, V.V. ; Zesnak, L. ; Rubin, N.B. [JINR-P9-85-567]
Current Stability System of Hydrogen Generator Heating in the Thyratrons of Silund Accelerator with the Use of Small Computer TPA/I / Gleibman, E.M. ; Inkin, V.D. ; Tishchenko, V.V. [JINR-P9-9604]
New Results in Studying of the Collinear Cluster Tripartition of the $^{252}$Cf Nucleus / Pyatkov, Yu V ; Kamanin, D V ; Trzaska, W ; Yamaletdinov, S R ; Sokol, E A ; Tjukavkin, A N ; Aleksandrov, A A ; Aleksandrova, I A ; Denisov, S V ; Krajnov, V P ; et al [E15200465] [JINRE15200465]
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The binary and ternary decay of hot heavy nuclei produced in the reaction $^{14}N (34 AMeV) + ^{197}Au$ / Wagner, W ; Herbach, C M ; Ortlepp, H G ; Aleksandrov, A A ; Aleksandrova, I A ; Dietterle, L ; Doronin, V N ; Dshemuchadze, S V ; Gippner, P ; Kamanin, V V ; et al [JINR-E7-97-131]
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Cluster approach to description of fission modes / Pyatkov, Yu V ; Adamian, G G ; Antonenko, N V ; Tishchenko, V G [JINR-E4-96-190]
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Manifestation of clustering in the $^{252}Cf(sf)$ and $^{249}Cf(n_{th},f)$ reactions / Pyatkov, Yu V ; Pashkevich, V V ; Penionzhkevich, Yu E ; Tishchenko, V G ; Unzhakova, A V ; Ortlepp, H G ; Gippner, P ; Herbach, C M ; Wagner, W [JINR-E15-96-365]
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4 Tishchenko, V G
2 Tishchenko, V.G.
2 Tishchenko, V.V.
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