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Measurement of the beam asymmetry $\Sigma$ and the target asymmetry $T$ in the photoproduction of $\omega$ mesons off the proton using CLAS at Jefferson Laboratory / Roy, P. ; Akbar, Z. ; Park, S. ; Crede, V. ; Anisovich, A.V. ; Denisenko, I. ; Klempt, E. ; Nikonov, V.A. ; Sarantsev, A.V. ; Adhikari, K.P. ; et al [arXiv:1711.05176JLAB-PHY-17-2583]
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Updated baseline for a staged Compact Linear Collider / Boland, M J ; Felzmann, U ; Giansiracusa, P J ; Lucas, T G ; Rassool, R P ; Balazs, C ; Charles, T K ; Afanaciev, K ; Emeliantchik, I ; Ignatenko, A ; et al [CERN-2016-004arXiv:1608.07537]
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Transactions on Computational Science XV: Special Issue on Advances in Autonomic Computing: Formal Engineering Methods for Nature-Inspired Computing Systems / / Gavrilova, Marina L. ; Tan, C. J. Kenneth. ; Phan, Cong-Vinh.
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Transactions on Computational Science XIV: Special Issue on Voronoi Diagrams and Delaunay Triangulation / / Gavrilova, Marina L. ; Tan, C. J. Kenneth. ; Mostafavi, Mir Abolfazl.
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Transactions on Computational Science XIII / Gavrilova, Marina L. ; Tan, C. J. Kenneth.
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Transactions on Computational Science XII: Special Issue on Cyberworlds / / Gavrilova, Marina L. ; Tan, C. J. Kenneth. ; Sourin, Alexei. ; Sourina, Olga.
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4th International Symposium on Instrumentation Science and Technology / Tan, Jiubin ; Jin, Peng
Design and Construction of the BESIII Detector / Ablikim, M. ; An, Z.H. ; Bai, J.Z. ; Berger, Niklaus ; Bian, J.M. ; Cai, X. ; Cao, G.F. ; Cao, X.X. ; Chang, J.F. ; Chen, C. ; et al [arXiv:0911.4960]

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1 Tan, J.A.
1 Tan, J.P.
1 Tan, Jiubin
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