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Updated baseline for a staged Compact Linear Collider / Boland, M J ; Felzmann, U ; Giansiracusa, P J ; Lucas, T G ; Rassool, R P ; Balazs, C ; Charles, T K ; Afanaciev, K ; Emeliantchik, I ; Ignatenko, A ; et al [CERN-2016-004arXiv:1608.07537]
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Effect of Beam-Loading on the Breakdown Rate of High Gradient Accelerating Structures / Navarro Quirante, Jose Luis ; Corsini, Roberto ; Degiovanni, Alberto ; Döbert, Steffen ; Grudiev, Alexej ; Kononenko, Oleksiy ; McMonagle, Gerard ; Rey, Stephane ; Solodko, Anastasiya ; Syratchev, Igor ; et al
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Experimental Study of the Effect of Beam Loading on RF Breakdown Rate in CLIC High-gradient Accelerating Structures / Tecker, Frank ; Corsini, Roberto ; Dayyani Kelisani, Mohsen ; Döbert, Steffen ; Grudiev, Alexej ; Kononenko, Oleksiy ; Lebet, Serge ; Navarro Quirante, Jose Luis ; Riddone, Germana ; Syratchev, Igor ; et al
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High-gradient Test Results from a CLIC Prototype Accelerating Structure: TD26CC / Wuensch, Walter ; Degiovanni, Alberto ; Döbert, Steffen ; Farabolini, Wilfrid ; Grudiev, Alexej ; Kovermann, Jan ; Montesinos, Eric ; Riddone, Germana ; Syratchev, Igor ; Wegner, Rolf ; et al
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Technical Specification for the CLIC Two-Beam Module / Riddone, G. ; Mainaud Durand, H. ; Schulte, D. ; Syratchev, I. ; Wuensch, Walter ; Zennaro, R. ; Nousiainen, R. ; Samoshkin, A. [EPAC08-MOPP028]
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1 Syratchev, I.
3 Syratchev, Igor
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