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EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF HADRON PASSAGE THROUGH INTRANUCLEAR MATTER / Z. Stragalski ; T. Pawlak ; W. Peryt ; M. Alrohiah ; M. Mousa ; S. El-Sharkawy ; B. Sredniawa ; K. Miller ; J. Pluta [JINR-E1-88-211]
Some characteristics of Li-6 and Li-7 isotopes interactions with emulsion nuclei at 3.7-A-GeV/c - 4.5-A-GeV/c / El-Nadi, M. ; Uzhinsky, V.V. ; Sherif, M.M. ; Abdelsalam, A. ; El-Nagdy, M.S. ; Yasin, M.N. ; Ali-Mousa, N. ; El-Sharkawy, S. ; Jilany, M.A. ; Abd El-Halim, S.M.
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Characteristics of neutral pion production process in pi- Xe nuclear collisions at 3.5-GeV/c momentum / Strugalski, Z. ; Sredniawa, B. ; El-Sharkawy, S. ; Strugalska-Gola, E. ; Mulas, E. ; Pawlak, T. ; Peryt, W. ; Pluta, J. ; Sadzinska, M. ; Zawislawski, Z. [JINR-E1-90-459]
External link: DURHAM
EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF HADRON PASSAGE THROUGH INTRANUCLEAR MATTER / Strugalski, Z. ; Pawlak, T. ; Peryt, W. ; Alrohiah, M. ; Mousa, M. ; El-Sharkawy, S. ; Sredniawa, B. ; Miller, K. ; Pluta, J. [JINR-E1-88-211]
ENERGY DEPENDENCE OF THE TOTAL CROSS-SECTION FOR NEGATON - POSITON PAIR CREATION BY GAMMA QUANTA IN LIQUID XENON, MEASURED IN BUBBLE CHAMBERS / Strugalski, Z. ; Alrohiah, M. ; El-Sharkawy, S. ; Miller, K. ; Pawlak, T. ; Peryt, M. ; Peryt, W. ; Pluta, J. ; Sredniawa, B. ; Tunia, A. ; et al [JINR-E1-88-669]

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