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Feasibility study of heavy ion collision physics at NICA JINR / Batyuk, Pavel N. ; Kekelidze, Vladimir D. ; Kolesnikov, Vadim Ivanovich ; Rogachevsky, Oleg V. ; Sorin, Alexander S. ; Voronyuk, Vadym V.
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Simulation of the GEM detector for BM@N experiment / Baranov, Dmitriy ; Rogachevsky, Oleg
Particle production and chemical freezeout from the hybrid UrQMD approach at NICA energies / Tawfik, Nasser Abdel ; Abou-Salem, Loutfy I. ; Shalaby, Asmaa G. ; Hanafy, Mahmoud ; Sorin, Alexander ; Rogachevsky, Oleg ; Scheinast, Werner [ECTP-2016-02WLCAPP-2016-02arXiv:1609.08423]
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Femtoscopy: The Way Back in the Energy Scale from ALICE to the NICA Energies / Batyuk, P. ; Lednicky, R. ; Rogachevsky, O. ; Karpenko, Iu. ; Malinina, L. ; Mikhailov, K. ; Wielanek, D.
Three-fluid hydrodynamics based event simulation for collisions at NICA and FAIR energies / Batyuk, P. ; Blaschke, D. ; Bleicher, M. ; Ivanov, Yu. B. ; Karpenko, Iu. ; Merts, S. ; Nahrgang, M. ; Petersen, H. ; Rogachevsky, O. [arXiv:1608.00965]
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The Multi-Purpose Detector (MPD) of the collider experiment / Golovatyuk, V. ; Kekelidze, V. ; Kolesnikov, V. ; Rogachevsky, O. ; Sorin, A.
Simulation and analysis software for the NICA experiments / Gertsenberger, K. ; Merts, S. ; Rogachevsky, O. ; Zinchenko, A.
Light cluster production at NICA / Bastian, N. -U. ; Batyuk, P. ; Blaschke, D. ; Danielewicz, P. ; Ivanov, Yu. B. ; Karpenko, Iu. ; Röpke, G. ; Rogachevsky, O. ; Wolter, H.H. [arXiv:1608.02851]
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Evidence for creation of strong electromagnetic fields in relativistic heavy-ion collisions / Toneev, V. ; Rogachevsky, O. ; Voronyuk, V. [arXiv:1604.06231]
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Cathode Pad Chambers at NICA/MPD / Fedorishin, J. ; Rogachevsky, O.V. ; Kiryushin, Y.T.
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Accumulation of spatial charge in the time projection chamber of a multipurpose detector / Merts, S.P. ; Razin, S.V. ; Rogachevsky, O.V.
The multi-Purpose detector for NICA heavy-ion collider at JINR / Rogachevsky, O.V.
Study of the multiparticle events structure with fractal geometry methods / Rogachevsky, O.
Chiral vortaic effect and neutron asymmetries at NICA / Rogachevsky, Oleg ; Sorin, Alexander ; Teryaev, Oleg [arXiv:1006.1331]
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