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Diamond Detectors for the TOTEM Timing Upgrade / Antchev, G. ; Aspell, P. ; Atanassov, I. ; Avati, V. ; Baechler, J. ; Berardi, V. ; Berretti, M. ; Bossini, E. ; Bottigli, U. ; Bozzo, M. ; et al [arXiv:1701.05227CERN-EP-2016-317]
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Measurement of pseudorapidity distributions of charged particles in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV by the CMS and TOTEM experiments / Chatrchyan, Serguei ; Khachatryan, Vardan ; Sirunyan, Albert M ; Tumasyan, Armen ; Adam, Wolfgang ; Bergauer, Thomas ; Dragicevic, Marko ; Erö, Janos ; Fabjan, Christian ; Friedl, Markus ; et al [CMS-FSQ-12-026CERN-PH-EP-TOTEM-2014-002CERN-PH-EP-2014-063arXiv:1405.0722]
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6th Topical Workshop on Proton-Antiproton Collider Physics / Eggert, Karsten ; Faissner, Helmut ; Radermacher, E
TOF: Proposal for a neutron time-of-flight facility / Abramovich, S. ; Andrejewsky, J. ; Andriamonje, S. ; Angelopoulos, A. ; Apostolakis, A. ; Assimakopoulos, P.A. ; Badurek, G. ; Baumann, P. ; Bernas, M. ; Billebaud, A. ; et al [CERN-SPSC-99-8CERN-SPSC-99-08CERN-SPSC-P-310]
R & D proposal: Proposal for research and development of a hadron calorimeter for high magnetic fields / Bayatian, G. ; Grigorian, N. ; Margarian, A. ; Sirunian, A. ; Stepanian, S. ; Atanasov, I. ; Genchev, V. ; Penev, V. ; Penchev, L. ; Iordanov, A. ; et al [CERN-DRDC-94-22CERN-DRDC-P-57]
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Electromagnetic secondaries in the detection of high-energy muons / Albajar, C. ; Andlinger, M. ; Arefev, A. ; Bacci, C. ; Bencze, G.L. ; Bergman, R. ; Bettini, A. ; Bizzeti, A. ; Brouwer, C. ; Cardarelli, R. ; et al [CERN-PPE-94-204]
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CMS: The Compact Muon Solenoid: Letter of intent for a general purpose detector at the LHC / Della Negra, M. ; Markytan, M. ; Neumeister, N. ; Porth, P. ; Rohringer, H. ; Strauss, J. ; Szoncso, F. ; Walzel, G. ; Wulz, C.E. ; Sacton, J. ; et al [CERN-LHCC-92-03CERN-LHCC-I-1]
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A Silicon hadron calorimeter module operated in a strong magnetic field with VLSI readout for LHC / Golutvin, I. ; Borgia, B. ; Carminati, F. ; Della Negra, M. ; Giani, S. ; Glaser, M. ; Herve, Alain ; Le Goff, J.M. ; Lemeilleur, F. ; Pimia, M. ; et al [CERN-DRDC-91-54CERN-DRDC-P-34]
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