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Investigation of neutron spectra and transmutation of I-129, Np-237 and other nuclides with 1.5-GeV protons from the Dubna Nuclotron using the electronuclear setup 'Energy plus Transmutation' / Krivopustov, M.I. ; Adam, J. ; Balabekian, A.R. ; Batusov, Yu.A. ; Bielewicz, M. ; Brandt, R. ; Chaloun, P. ; Chultem, D. ; Dwivedi, K.K. ; Elishev, A, F. ; et al [JINR-E1-2004-79]
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Studies of fast neutron spectra in uranium blanket of the installation 'Energy plus Transmutation' using proton beam from the JINR Nuclotron at 1.5-GeV / Chultem, D. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Batusov, Yu.A. ; Sosnin, A.N. ; Adam, J. ; Zaveryukha, O.S. ; Pavlyuk, A.V. [JINR-P1-2003-59]
Research of the mass spectra of the fission products and yields of (n,gamma) and (n,2n) reactions in a model subcritical uranium blanket of the electronuclear system 'Energy Plus Transmutation' on proton beam of the Dubna Synchrophasotron at 1.5-GeV energy / Chultem, D. ; Tumendelger, Ts. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Gerbish, Sh. ; Tumendemberel, Ts. ; Pavlyuk, A.V. ; Zaveryukha, O.S. [JINR-P1-2002-16]
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Mass spectra measurement in the reaction (p,2p) at protons energy 500-MeV on nuclei C, Al, Cu and Pb / Avesov, A.D. ; Belov, M.A. ; Chaloupka, V. ; Dougherty, W.M. ; Gafarov, A.A. ; Hutcheson, D. ; Khugaev, A.V. ; Khurelbaatar, B. ; Koblik, Yu.N. ; Kutuev, R.K. ; et al [nucl-ex/0101011]
Transmutation of Pu-239 and other nuclides using spallation neutrons produced by relativistic protons reacting with massive U and Pb targets / Adam, J. ; Balabekian, A.R. ; Bamblevsky, V.P. ; Barabanov, M.Yu. ; Bradnova, V. ; Chaloun, P. ; Hella, Kh.M. ; Kalinnikov, V.G. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Kulakov, B.A. ; et al [JINR-E1-2001-136]
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Measurement of the analyzing power of the reactions C(p,p p)X and C(p,p d)X at 500-MeV / Khurelbaatar, B. ; Kiselev, V.S. ; Kutuev, R.Kh. ; Musulmanbekov, Zh. ; Nikitin, V.A. ; Nomokonov, P.V. ; Pavlyuk, A.V. ; Rufanov, I.A. ; Zulkarneev, R.Ya. ; Avezov, A.D. ; et al [JINR-E1-99-37]
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Acceleration of polarized protons to 820-GeV at HERA / Alekseeva, L.V. ; Anferov, V.A. ; Blinov, B.B. ; Bywater, J.A. ; Caussyn, D.D. ; Courant, E.D. ; Crabb, D.G. ; Crandell, D.A. ; Derbenev, Ya.S. ; Gladycheva, S.E. ; et al [UM-HE-96-20]
Spin effects in high p(t)**2 proton proton elastic scattering: Proposal to Fermilab / Krisch, A.D. ; Anferov, V.A. ; Baiod, R. ; Bywater, J.A. ; Chu, C.M. ; Courant, E.D. ; Crabb, D.G. ; Crandell, D.B. ; Derbenev, Ya.S. ; Duryea, J.W. ; et al [FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0858]
Analyzing power in d (polarized) C ---> p X and d (polarized) C ---> p p (d) X reactions for fast protons scattered at large angles / Beznogikh, G.G. ; Budilov, V.A. ; Filipkowski, A. ; Golembiewski, A. ; Khurelbaatar, B. ; Laricheva, A.P. ; Myalkowsky, V.V. ; Nikitin, V.A. ; Nomokonov, P.V. ; Pavlyuk, A.V. ; et al
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SPIN: Letter of intent / Anferov, V.A. ; Baiod, R. ; Bywater, J.A. ; Courant, E.D. ; Grabb, D.G. ; Derbenev, Ya.S. ; Kaufman, W.A. ; Krisch, A.D. ; Lin, A.M.T. ; O'Donnell, T.W. ; et al [FPRINT-92-21]
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Research of the Mass Spectra of the Fission Products and Yields of (n, gamma) and (n, 2n) Reactions in a Model Subcritical Uranium Blanket of the Electronuclear System "Energy Plus Transmutation" on Proton Beam of the Dubna Synchrophasotron at 1.5 Ge / Chultem, D ; Tumendelger, T ; Krivopustov, M I ; Gerbish, S ; Tumendemberel, B ; Pavlyuk, A V ; Zaveryukha, O S [JINR-P1-2002-16] [P1-2002-16]
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Investigation of Space and Energy Distributions of Neutrons Generated in Lead Target and Uranium Blanket of the Electronuclear System "Energy plus Transmutation" under Irradiation with Protons at 1.5 GeV / Zhuk, I V ; Kievits, M K ; Krivopustov, M I ; Sosnin, A N ; Chultem, D ; Vestmaer, V ; Tumendelger, T ; Zaveryukha, O S ; Pavlyuk, A V [JINR-P1-2002-184] [P1-2002-184]
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Measurement of the analyzing power of the reactions C(p,pp)X and C(p,pd)X at 500 MeV / Khurelbaatar, B ; Kiselev, V S ; Kutuev, R K ; Musulmanbekov, Z Z ; Nikitin, V A ; Nomokonov, V P ; Pavlyuk, A V ; Rufanov, I A ; Zulkarneev, R Ya ; Avezov, A D ; et al [E19937] [JINRE19937]
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