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System for initial betatron oscillation damping for UNK I stage beam / Gleibman, E.M. ; Zhabitsky, V.M. ; Ivanov, I.N. ; Kononov, G.I. ; Lebedev, N.I. ; Likhachev, A.G. ; Melnikov, V.A. ; Malakhov, N.A. ; Pilyar, N.V. ; Rukoyatkina, T.V. ; et al
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MRS silicon avalanche detectors with negative feedback for time-of-flight systems / Afanasev, S.V. ; Anisimov, Yu.S. ; Gotra, Yu.N. ; Dzhedzher, V.N. ; Kolesnikov, V.I. ; Kushpil, V.V. ; Malakhov, A.I. ; Malakhov, N.A. ; Reznikov, S.G. ; Zarubin, P.I.
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The pulsers of the damping injection oscillation systems for the UNK I-stage / Ivanov, I.N. ; Malakhov, N.A. ; Melnikov, V.A. ; Pilyar, N.V. ; Shcheulin, A.S. ; Akimov, V.V. ; Ermakov, V.B. ; Latypov, T.A. ; Mamaev, G.L. [PAC-1991-1582]
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Simulation of one turn damping system of initial betatron beam oscillations for the UNK-I stage / Zhabitsky, V.M. ; Ignatova, L.G. ; Ivanov, I.N. ; Malakhov, N.A. ; Mamonov, V.N. ; Melnikov, V.A. ; Pilyar, N.V. ; Shcheulin, A.S. [JINR-P9-90-548]

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8 Malakhov, N.
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