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Workshop on Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC: Last Call for Predictions / Abreu, S ; Borghini, N ; Akkelin, V ; Alam, J ; Albacete, J L ; Andronic, A ; Antonov, D ; Arleo, F ; Armesto, N ; Arsene, I C ; et al [CERN-PH-TH-2008-032] [arXiv:0711.0974]
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CMS physics technical design report: Addendum on high density QCD with heavy ions / d'Enterria, David G., (Ed.) ; Ballintijn, M., (Ed.) ; Bedjidian, M., (Ed.) ; Hoffman, D., (Ed.) ; Kodolova, Olga, (Ed.) ; Loizides, C., (Ed.) ; Lokhtin, I.P., (Ed.) ; Lourenco, C., (Ed.) ; Mironov, C., (Ed.) ; Petrushanko, S.V., (Ed.) ; et al [CERN-LHCC-2007-009]
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CMS expression of interest in the SLHC / Nash, J., (Ed.) ; Acosta, D., E (Ed.) ; Smith, W., (Ed.) ; Hall, G., (Ed.) ; Baden, D., (Ed.) ; Dallavalle, M., (Ed.) ; Bayatian, G.L. ; Chatrchyan, S. ; Hmayakyan, G. ; Sirunyan, A.M. ; et al [CERN-LHCC-2007-014CERN-LHCC-G-131]
External link: CERNREP
Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC - Last Call for Predictions / Armesto, N., (ed.) ; Borghini, N., (ed.) ; Jeon, S., (ed.) ; Wiedemann, U.A., (ed.) ; Abreu, S. ; Akkelin, V. ; Alam, J. ; Albacete, J.L. ; Andronic, A. ; Antonov, D. ; et al [arXiv:0711.0974]

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54 Loizides, C.
206 Loizides, Constantinos
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