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Next generation hypernuclear γ-ray spectrometer: Hyperball-J / Koike, T. ; Chiga, N. ; Evtoukhovitch, P. ; Haruyama, T. ; Hosomi, K. ; Kasami, K. ; Kallies, W. ; Ma, Y. ; Miwa, K. ; Mimori, M. ; et al
Plan for the measurement of Ξ−-atomic X rays at J-PARC / Tanida, K. ; Chrien, R.E. ; Dairaku, S. ; Evtoukhovitch, E. ; Fu, Y.Y. ; Fujimura, H. ; Hashimoto, O. ; Hosomi, K. ; Imai, K. ; Kalinnikov, V. ; et al
A NEW PERTURBATIVE APPROACH TO QCD / V.N. Pervushin ; W. Kallies ; Nguyen Suan Han ; N.A. Sarikov [JINR-E2-88-68]
Fine-granularity electromagnetic calorimeter using plastic scintillator strip-array / Nagano, A. ; Yamauchi, S. ; Matsunaga, H. ; Kim, S. ; Matsumoto, T. ; Sekiguchi, K. ; Uchida, N. ; Yamada, Y. ; Yamamoto, S. ; Evtukhovich, P. ; et al
Investigation of time-of-flight lifetime measurement methods of charged pi mesons at the phasotron of JINR / Evtukhovich, P.G. ; Kallies, W. ; Kononenko, G.A. ; Samoilov, V.N. ; Sapogov, A.S. [JINR-E1-2003-19]
External link: DUBNA
On principal possibility to test the influence of external gravitational field on elementary particles lifetime / Beshtoev, Kh.M. ; Kallies, W. ; Samoilov, V. ; Sapogov, A. [JINR-E2-2003-18]
Fulltext: PDF
External links: DUBNA Fulltext
Ellipsoidal basis for isotropic oscillator / Kallies, W. ; Lukac, I. ; Pogosian, G.S. ; Sisakian, A.N. [JINR-E2-94-230C93-07-06.2]
Low-energy theorems in quark potential models / Kallies, W. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Sarikov, N.A. [JINR-E2-94-42]
Weak interactions in a bilocal chiral theory: Problem of nonlocality in pion anomaly and status of quark condensate / Kalinovsky, Yu.L. ; Kallies, W. ; Pervushin, V.N.
Weak interactions in a bilocal chiral theory. 2. Nonleptonic decays of quarkonia in bilocal approach / Kalinovsky, Yu.L. ; Kallies, W. ; Munchow, L. ; Pervushin, V.N. [JINR-E4-92-9]
Relativistic bound states in QCD / Kalinovsky, Yu.L. ; Kallies, W. ; Kaschluhn, L. ; Munchow, L. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Sarikov, N.A. [JINR-E2-90-354]
External link: DOI e-proceeding
How does the gluon propagate? / Bogolyubskaya, A.A. ; Kalinovsky, Yu.L. ; Kallies, W. ; Pervushin, V.N.
Nonlocal hadronization in QCD / Kallies, W. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Kalinovsky, Yu.L. ; Sarikov, N.A.
CAN QCD BE A PERTURBATION THEORY OF HADRONS? / Pervushin, V.N. ; Kalinovsky, Yu.L. ; Kallies, W. ; Sarikov, N.A. [JINR-E2-89-58C89-06-12.1]
Hadron decays and quark mixing / Kalinovsky, Yu.L. ; Kallies, W. ; Pervushin, V.N.

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