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Spectroscopy of Transfermium Elements at Dubna: Results and Plans / Yeremin, A. ; Popeko, A. ; Malyshev, O. ; Chepigin, V. ; Svirikhin, A. ; Isaev, A. ; Popov, Yu. ; Chelnokov, M. ; Karpov, A. ; Kuznetsova, A. ; et al
SPONTANEOUS FISSION OF $^{256}$Rf AND $^{250}$No — NEW EXPERIMENTAL DATA / Svirikhin, A.I. ; Andreev, A.V. ; Yeremin, A.V. ; Izosimov, I.N. ; Isaev, A.V. ; Kuznetsov, A.N. ; Kuznetsova, A.A. ; Malyshev, O.N. ; Popeko, A.G. ; Popov, Y.A. ; et al
Open Hecke chains for corner type representaions / Isaev, A.P. ; Ogievetsky, O.V. ; Os'kin, A.F.
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Geometry and Analysis Seminar / Isaev, Alexander
Spherical Tube Hypersurfaces / Isaev, Alexander.
We examine Levi non-degenerate tube hypersurfaces in complex linear space which are "spherical," that is, locally CR-equivalent to the real hyperquadric. [...]
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Lectures on the Automorphism Groups of Kobayashi-Hyperbolic Manifolds / Isaev, Alexander.
Kobayashi-hyperbolic manifolds are an object of active research in complex geometry. [...]
External link: Download fulltextFulltext
A data acquisition and control system in the MISS electronics standard for the detector on drift tubes / Bogolyubsky, M.Yu. ; Isaev, N.A. ; Kozhin, A.S. ; Kozelov, A.V. ; Plotnikov, I.S. ; Senko, V.A. ; Soldatov, M.M. ; Shalanda, N.A. ; Yakimchuk, V.I. ; Kuzmin, N.A. ; et al
The emission of prompt neutrons from the spontaneous fission of No-252 and Fm-244 / Svirikhin, A.I. ; Andreev, A.V. ; Dushin, V.N. ; Chelnokov, M.L. ; Chepigin, V.I. ; Gupta, M. ; Isaev, A.V. ; Izosimov, I.N. ; Katrasev, D.E. ; Kuznetsov, A.N. ; et al
Spherical Tube Hypersurfaces / Isaev, Alexander.
External link: Download fulltextFulltext
Fusion procedure for the Brauer algebra / Isaev, A. P. ; Molev, A. I.
Measurement of pion and proton response and longitudinal shower profiles up to 20 nuclear interaction lengths with the ATLAS tile calorimeter / Adragna, P. ; Alexa, C. ; Anderson, K. ; Antonaki, A. ; Arabidze, A. ; Batkova, L. ; Batusov, V. ; Beck, H.P. ; Bergeaas Kuutmann, E. ; Biscarat, C. ; et al
Testbeam studies of production modules of the ATLAS tile calorimeter / Adragna, P. ; Alexa, C. ; Anderson, K. ; Antonaki, A. ; Arabidze, A. ; Batkova, L. ; Batusov, V. ; Beck, H.P. ; Bednar, P. ; Bergeaas Kuutmann, Elin ; et al [ATL-TILECAL-PUB-2009-002ATL-COM-TILECAL-2009-004]
External link: CERNREP e-proceeding
Nonabelian N=2 Superstrings: Hamiltonian Structure / Isaev, A.P. ; Ivanov, E.A. [arXiv:0912.2204IC-91-86]
BRST operators for W algebras / Isaev, A.P. ; Krivonos, S.O. ; Ogievetsky, O.V. [arXiv:0802.3781]
External link: JMAPA e-proceeding

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