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Standard Model with Free Inital Data of Higgs Field / Arbuzov, A.B. ; Glinka, L.A. ; Pervushin, V.N.
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Quantum gravity as the way from spacetime to space quantum states thermodynamics / Glinka, L.A. [arXiv:0803.1533]
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1D Global Bosonization of Quantum Gravity / Glinka, L.A. [arXiv:0804.3516]
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Classical Scalar Field Potential in the Standard Model / Arbuzov, Andrej B. ; Glinka, Lukasz A. ; Pervushin, Victor N. [arXiv:0805.3075]
Global One-Dimensionality conjecture within Quantum General Relativity / Glinka, L.A. [arXiv:0808.1035]
Macrostates thermodynamics and its stable classical limit in Global One-Dimensional Quantum General Relativity / Glinka, L.A. [arXiv:0809.5216]
Dark matter as a consequence of nonseparable Lagrangian / Glinka, Lukasz Andrzej [gr-qc/0701040]
Hamiltonian approach to conformal coupling scalar field in the general relativity / Glinka, Lukasz A. ; Pervushin, Victor N. ; Kostecki, Ryszard P. [gr-qc/0703062]
Higgs effect in conformal cosmology and supernova data / Barbashov, B.M. ; Glinka, L.A. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Zakharov, A.F. [arXiv:0704.3924]
Hamiltonian Unification of General Relativity and Standard Model / Glinka, L.A. ; Pervushin, V.N. [arXiv:0705.0655]
Higgs particle mass in cosmology / Arbuzov, A.B. ; Glinka, L.A. ; Lednicky, R. ; Pervushin, V.N. [arXiv:0705.4672]
Quantum information from graviton-matter gas / Glinka, L.-A. [arXiv:0707.3341]
Preliminaries in Many-Particle Quantum Gravity. I. Einstein--Friedmann Spacetime / Glinka, L.A. [arXiv:0711.1380]
On quantum cosmology as field theory of bosonic string mass groundstate / Glinka, L.A. [arXiv:0712.1674]
Many-Particle Quantum Cosmology / Glinka, L.A. [arXiv:0712.2769]

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13 Glinka, L.A.
2 Glinka, Lukasz A.
2 Glinka, Lukasz Andrzej
1 Glinka, Lukasz-Andrzej
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