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Nuclear properties of the exotic high spin isomer Hf-178m2 from collinear laser spectroscopy / Boos, N. ; Le Blanc, F. ; Krieg, M. ; Pinard, J. ; Huber, G. ; Lunney, M.D. ; Le Du, D. ; Meunier, R. ; Hussonnois, M. ; Constantinescu, O. ; et al [CERN-PPE-94-010CERN-PPE-94-10]
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Blocking effect in the 16+ --> 16+ (p, t) transition on the isomeric Hfm2178 target / Rotbard, G. ; Berrier-Ronsin, G. ; Constantinescu, O. ; Fortier, S. ; Gales, S. ; Hussonnois, M. ; Kim, J.B. ; Maison, J.M. ; Rosier, L-H. ; Vernotte, J. ; et al
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EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES OF THE FORMATION AND RADIOACTIVE DECAY OF ISOTOPES WITH Z = 104 - 109 / Oganesian, Yu.Ts. ; Hussonnois, M. ; Demin, A.G. ; Kharitonov, Yu.P. ; Bruchertseifer, H. ; Constantinescu, O. ; Korotkin, Yu.S. ; Tretyakova, S.P. ; Utyonkov, V.K. ; Shirokovsky, I.V. ; et al [JINR-E2-84-651C84/10/08.1]
Observation of photonuclear reactions on isomeric targets : $^{178}$Hf$^{m_{2}}$($\gamma$,n)$^{177}$Hf$^{m_{2}}$, $^{180}$Ta$^{m}$($\gamma$,2n)$^{178}$Ta$^{m,g}$ and $^{180}$Ta$^{m}$($\gamma$,p)$^{179}$Hf$^{m_{2}}$ / Karamian, S A ; De Boer, J ; Oganessian, Yu T ; Belov, A G ; Szeglowski, Z ; Markov, B N ; Adam, I ; Stegailov, V I ; Briançon, C ; Constantinescu, O ; et al [JINR-E15-95-475]
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Cross sections of the (H1,$\alpha$n) channel in the cold-fusion-type reactions $^{209}$Bi + $^{40}$Ar and $^{208}$Pb + $^{37}$Cl / Lazarev, Yu A ; Oganessian, Yu T ; Szeglowski, Z ; Utyonkov, V K ; Kharitonov, Yu P ; Constantinescu, O ; Thi-Liên, D ; Shirokovsky, I V ; Tretyakova, S P [E7-94-147] [JINR-E7-94-147]
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High-spin nuclear target of $^{178m_{2}}$Hf: creation and nuclear reaction studies / Oganessian, Yu T ; Karamian, S A ; Gangrsky, Yu P ; Górski, B ; Markov, B N ; Szeglowski, Z ; Briançon, C ; Constantinescu, O ; Hussonnois, M ; Pinard, J ; et al [JINR-E15-93-96]
The experiments aimed to synthesize element 110 / Oganessian, Yu T ; Lobanov, Yu V ; Hussonnois, M ; Kharitonov, Yu P ; Górski, B ; Constantinescu, O ; Popeko, A G ; Bruchertseifer, H ; Sagaidak, R N ; Tretyakova, S P ; et al [JINR-D7-87-392] [JINR-E7-87-392]
On the stability of the nuclei of element 108 with A = 263 265 / Oganessian, Yu T ; Demin, A G ; Hussonnois, M ; Tretyakova, S P ; Kharitonov, Yu P ; Utyonkov, V K ; Shirokovsky, I V ; Constantinescu, O ; Bruchertseifer, H ; Korotkin, Yu S [JINR-E7-84-307]
Experimental studies of the formation and radioactive decay of isotopes with Z = 104-109 / Oganessian, Yu T ; Hussonnois, M ; Demin, A G ; Kharitonov, Yu P ; Bruchertseifer, H ; Constantinescu, O ; Korotkin, Yu S ; Tretyakova, S P ; Utyonkov, V K ; Shirokovsky, I V ; et al [JINR-E2-84-651]

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