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Measurements of the Zn-64 (n,alpha) Ni-61 cross-section at E(n) = 5.0-MeV to 6.75-MeV / Gledenov, Yuri M. ; Sedysheva, Milana V. ; Sedyshev, Pavel V. ; Oprea, Alexander ; Chen, Ze-min ; Chen, Ying-Tang ; Yuan, Jing ; Zhang, Guo-hui ; Tang, Guo-you ; Khuukhenkhuu, Gonchigdorj ; et al [nucl-ex/0211032]
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Twin ionization chamber for studies of (n, p) (n, alpha) reactions / Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Sedysheva, M.V. ; Khuukhenkhuu, G. ; Zhang, Guo-hui ; Tang, Guo-you ; Chen, Jin-xiang ; Zhang, Xue-mei ; Chen, Ze-min ; Chen, Ying-tang [JINR-E13-2000-89]
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Study of the Ca-40 (n, alpha) Ar-37 reaction induced by fast neutrons / Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Khuukhenkhuu, G. ; Popov, Yu.P. ; Bao, Shang-lian ; Tang, Guo-you ; Qu, De-cheng ; Cao, Wen-tian ; Chen, Ze-min ; Chen, Ying-tang ; Qi, Hui-quan [JINR-E3-93-428]

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