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NON-ABELIAN COLOR FIELDS FROM RELATIVISTIC COLOR CHARGE CONFIGURATIONS IN THE CLASSICAL LIMIT / Cassing, W. ; Goloviznin, V.V. ; Molodtsov, S.V. ; Snigirev, A.M. ; Toneev, V.D. ; Voronyuk, V. ; Zinovjev, G.M.
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The QGP dynamics in relativistic collisions / Bratkovskaya, E.L. ; Cassing, W. ; Konchakovski, V.P. ; Toneev, V.D.
Directed flow in relativistic heavy-ion collisions within the PHSD transport approach and 3FD hydrodynamical model / Konchakovski, V.P. ; Cassing, W. ; Ivanov, Y.B. ; Toneev, V.D.
Classical gluon fields and collective dynamics of color-charge systems / Voronyuk, V. ; Goloviznin, V.V. ; Zinovjev, G.M. ; Cassing, W. ; Molodtsov, S.V. ; Snigirev, A.M. ; Toneev, V.D.
Particularities of the directed flow in the NICA energy range / Toneev, Viacheslav ; Konchakovski, Volodymyr ; Cassing, Wolfgang ; Ivanov, Yuri B.
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What collective flow observables tell us about the expansion of the plasma / Bratkovskaya, E.L. ; Konchakovski, V.P. ; Voronyuk, V. ; Toneev, V.D. ; Cassing, W.
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Event-by-event background in estimates of the chiral magnetic effect / Toneev, V.D. ; Konchakovski, V.P. ; Voronyuk, V. ; Bratkovskaya, E.L. ; Cassing, W. [arXiv:1208.2519]
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Dynamics of hot and dense nuclear and partonic matter / Bratkovskaya, E.L. ; Cassing, W. ; Linnyk, O. ; Konchakovski, V.P. ; Voronyuk, V. ; Ozvenchuk, V.
International Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics at Medium and High Energies / Cassing, W ; Mosel, U
Dynamical phase trajectories for relativistic nuclear collisions / Arsene, I.C. ; Bravina, L.V. ; Cassing, W. ; Ivanov, Yu.B. ; Larionov, A. ; Randrup, J. ; Russkikh, V.N. ; Toneev, V.D. ; Zeeb, G. ; Zschiesche, D. [nucl-th/0609042LBNL-61101]
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Charmonium dissociation by mesons in heavy-ion collisions / Lykasov, Gennady I. ; Cassing, Wolfgang [hep-ph/0610122]
Physics with antiprotons at the future GSI facility / Schwarz, C. ; Barnes, T. ; Bettoni, D. ; Calabrese, R. ; Cassing, W. ; Duren, M. ; Ganzhur, S. ; Gillitzer, A. ; Hartmann, O. ; Hejny, V. ; et al
Evidence of kaon nuclear and Coulomb potential effects on soft K+ production from nuclei / Nekipelov, M. ; Buescher, Markus ; Cassing, W. ; Hartmann, M. ; Hejny, V. ; Kleber, V. ; Koch, H.R. ; Koptev, V. ; Maeda, Y. ; Maier, R. ; et al [nucl-ex/0202021]
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