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Direct CP violation in kaon decays: The ratio epsilon'/epsilon after five years / Belkov, A.A.
External link: PPNUE
Prospects of B/c mesons at the Compact Muon Solenoid / Zhang, Shao-He ; Belkov, A.A. ; Shulga, S. ; Chen, Guo-Ming
External links: ADSABS CPLEE DOI e-proceeding
What we have learned from direct CP violation studies in kaon decays / Belkov, A.A. ; Lanyov, A.V. ; Bohm, G. [hep-ph/0311209]
SIMUB: A Monte Carlo generator for physics simulation of B decays / Belkov, A.A. ; Shulga, S.G. [hep-ph/0201283]
External link: CERNKEY
High-load HERA-B detector / Belkov, A.A. ; Golutvin, I.A. ; Kiryushin, Yu.K.
External link: PPNUE
Phenomenological analysis of epsilon-prime / epsilon within an effective chiral Lagrangian approach at O(p**6) / Belkov, A.A. ; Bohm, G. ; Lanyov, A.V. ; Moshkin, A.A. [hep-ph/9907335JINR-E2-99-236]
A new experimental study of charged K --> 3 pi decays / Anikeev, V. ; Bahr, J. ; Bazilevsky, A. ; Belkov, A.A. ; Bohm, G. ; Denisov, S. ; Durum, A. ; Galyaev, A. ; Gilitsky, Yu.V. ; Kochetkov, V. ; et al
Bosonized Lagrangians in higher orders of the chiral expansion / Belkov, A.A. ; Lanyov, A.V.
External links: ADSABS DOI PPNUE PPNUE1 e-proceeding
Results on K ---> 2 pi decays at O(p**6) and epsilon-prime / epsilon from an effective chiral Lagrangian approach / Belkov, A.A. ; Bohm, G. ; Lanyov, A.V. ; Moshkin, A.A. [hep-ph/9704354JINR-E2-97-139]
Dynamics of heavy mesons in the instant and the front form / Belkov, A.A. ; Dillig, M. ; Pilotto, F.
Higher-order chiral Lagrangians and CP violation in charged kaon decays / Belkov, A.A. ; Lanyov, A.V.
Photoproduction of neutral pion pairs in the Coulomb field of the nucleus / Belkov, A.A. ; Dillig, M. ; Lanyov, A.V. [hep-ph/9512324JINR-E2-95-511FAU-TP3-95-13]
External links: ADSABS JPHGB e-proceeding
Chiral dynamics of kaon decays and the problem of CP violation / Belkov, A.A. ; Lanev, A.V. ; Bohm, G. ; Schaale, A.
External links: ADSABS PPNUE PPNUE1
gamma gamma --> pi0 pi0 and eta --> pi0 gamma gamma at O(p**6) within chiral Lagrangians from bosonization of NJL model / Belkov, A.A. ; Lanyov, A.V.

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