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On the interaction between K-mesons, pions, nucleons and hyperons / Barashenkov, V.S.
Inelastic interactions of π-mesons with nucleons at 6.8 GeV / Barashenkov, V.S.
Multiple production of particles in collisions between 9 GeV protons and nucleons / Barashenkov, V.S. ; Belyakov, V.A. ; Bubelev, E.G. ; Shou Feng, Wang ; Maltsev, V.M. ; Gyn, Ten ; Tolstov, K.D.
Cascade interactions of high-energy particles with nuclei / Barashenkov, V.S. ; Boyadgiev, A.V. ; Kulyukina, L.A. ; Maltsev, V.M.
Check of dispersion relations in the region of small angles and high energies / Barashenkov, V.S. ; Dedju, V.I.
Inelastic interactions of cosmic ray particles with atomic nuclei at very high energies / Artykov, I.Z. ; Barashenkov, V.S. ; Eliseev, S.M.
Statistical analysis of the interaction of 17 GeV mesons with photoemulsion heavy nuclei / Artykov, I.Z. ; Barashenkov, V.S. ; Eliseev, S.M.
The analysis of the recoil proton momentum spectrum in inelastic $\pi^-$−p interactions at 7 GeV / Barashenkov, V.S. ; Blokhintsev, D.I. ; Patera, I. ; Semashko, G.L.
GLAUBER MODEL OF DIFFRACTION SCATTERING WITH RELATIVIZED WAVE FUNCTIONS. (IN RUSSIAN) / Amelin, N.s. ; Barashenkov, V.s. ; Zadorozhnyi, A.m. ; Kostenko, B.f. ; Shmakov, S.yu.

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2 Barashenkov, V.
6 Barashenkov, V. S.
160 Barashenkov, V.S.
160 Barashenkov, V.s.
2 Barashenkov, Vladilen S.
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