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CHARGED PARTICLE SPECTRA IN pi- p, pi- d AND pi- C INTERACTIONS AT 38-GeV/c WITH SINGLE PARTICLE HIGH P(T) TRIGGER / Boos, E.G. ; Mosienko, A.M. ; Barwolff, H. ; Meyer, A. ; Denes, Ervin ; Diosi, L. ; Gemesy, T. ; Jenik, L. ; Krasznovszky, S. ; Pinter, G. ; et al [JINR-E1-87-398C87-06-25]
NEUTRAL STRANGE PARTICLE PRODUCTION IN HIGH TRANSVERSE MOMENTUM pi- NUCLEUS INTERACTIONS AT approximately 40-GeV/c / Barwolff, H. ; Dreher, C. ; Friebel, W. ; Gensch, U. ; Roloff, H.E. ; Schreiber, H.J. ; Spiering, C. ; Denes, Ervin ; Diosi, L. ; Gemesy, T. ; et al [PHE-87-07]
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SEARCH FOR NEUTRAL DIBARYON WITH STRANGENESS -2 IN HIGH TRANSVERSE MOMENTUM pi- NUCLEUS INTERACTIONS AT 40-GeV/c / Barwolff, H. ; Friebel, W. ; Gensch, U. ; Kundt, U. ; Lanius, K. ; Roloff, H. ; Schreiber, H.J. ; Denes, Ervin ; Diosi, L ; Gemesy, T. ; et al [PHE-86-01]
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PRODUCTION OF BACKWARD PROTONS IN LAB SYSTEM WITH 0.2-GeV/c - 0.5-GeV/c MOMENTA IN anti-p A INTERACTIONS AT 40-GeV/c / Gabunia, L.L. ; Dzhavrishvili, A.K. ; Ivanova, A.B. ; Ioramashvili, E.Sh. ; Lomtadze, T.A. ; Mailian, E.S. ; Nikoladze, M.I. ; Razdolskaya, L.A. ; Chikovani, L.D. ; Shalamberidze, L.V. ; et al [JINR-P1-86-520]
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MULTIPLICITIES IN HIGH P(T) HADRON - NUCLEUS INTERACTIONS / Barwolff, H. ; Bohm, G. ; Dreher, C. ; Friebel, W. ; Gensch, U. ; Meyer, A. ; Naumann, T. ; Roloff, H. ; Spiering, C. ; Denes, Ervin ; et al [PHE 85-02]
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CHARGED PARTICLE MULTIPLICITIES IN PI-, K- AND ANTI-P INTERACTIONS WITH NUCLEI AT 40-GEV/C / Boos, E.G. ; Mosienko, A.M. ; Pokrovsky, N.A. ; Barwolff, H. ; Bohm, G. ; Gensch, U. ; Kostka, P. ; Lohmann, W. ; Naumann, T. ; Roloff, H. ; et al
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CHARGED PARTICLE MULTIPLICITIES IN 40-GeV/c HADRON - NUCLEUS INTERACTIONS WITH AND WITHOUT A HIGH P(T) TRIGGER. (TALK) / Boos, E.G. ; Mosienko, A.M. ; Pokrovsky, N.A. ; Bohm, G. ; Friebel, W. ; Gensch, U. ; Leiste, R. ; Meyer, A. ; Naumann, T. ; Pose, D. ; et al [JINR-E1-83-449]
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MULTIPLICITY OF CHARGED PARTICLES PRODUCED IN PI- AND K- COLLISIONS WITH NUCLEI IN STREAMER CHAMBER AT 40-GEV/C. (IN RUSSIAN) / Andreev, E.M. ; Bohm, J. ; Bahr, J. ; Barwolff, H. ; Bannikov, A.V. ; Cisek, Z. ; Denes, Ervin ; Derlicki, A. ; Falkenberg, W. ; Federowicz, E. ; et al [JINR-E1-80-871]
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Charged particle spectra in pi-p, pi-d and pi-C interactions at 38 GeV/c with single-particle high p$_{T}$ trigger / Boos, E G ; Mosienko, A M ; Bärwolff, H ; Meyer, A ; Dénes, E ; Diósi, L ; Gémesy, T ; Jenik, L ; Krasznovszky, J ; Pintér, G ; et al [E1-87-398] [JINR-E1-87-398]
Charged particle multiplicities in pi$^{-}$- and K$^{-}$-meson interactions with nuclei in a streamer chamber at 40 GeV/c / Andreev, E M ; Böhm, J ; Bähr, J ; Bärwolff, H ; Bannikov, A V ; Cisek, Z ; Dénes, E ; Derlicki, A ; Falkenberg, W ; Federowicz, E ; et al [E1-80-871] [JINR-E1-80-871] [JINR-P1-80-871]

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8 Barwolff, H.
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