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Measurement and processing of gammas accompanying muon pairs in the reaction $\pi^{-}$C --> $\mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ + $\gamma$ + X at 38 GeV / Bannikov, A V ; Chelkov, G A ; Krumshtein, Z ; Petrukhin, V I ; Vertogradov, L S ; Böhm, J ; Píska, K ; Dzhavrishvili, A K ; Lomtadze, T A ; Tskhadadze, E G [E1-92-372] [JINR-E1-92-372]
Resonance pattern of low mass muon pairs produced in 38 GeV/c pi-C interactions / Bannikov, A V ; Böhm, J ; Hek, C S ; Gémesy, T ; Dzhavrishvili, A K ; Kharchilava, A I ; Khovanskii, N N ; Krumshtein, Z ; Lomtadze, T A ; Merekov, Yu P ; et al [E1-89-486] [JINR-E1-89-486]
Evidence for higher twist mechanisms in high p$_{T}$ - pi-p events with prompt rho0 production at 38 GeV/c / Bannikov, A V ; Böhm, J ; Grishkevich, Ya V ; Krumshtein, Z ; Merekov, Yu P ; Petrukhin, V I ; Píska, K ; Safarík, K ; Shelkov, G A ; Vertogradov, L S ; et al [E1-88-476] [JINR-E1-88-476]
Charged particle multiplicities in 40 GeV/c hadron-nucleus interactions with and without a high P$_{\perp}$ trigger / Boos, E G ; Mosienko, A M ; Pokrovsky, N A ; Böhm, G ; Friebel, W ; Gensch, Ulrich ; Leiste, R ; Meyer, A ; Naumann, T ; Pose, D ; et al [E1-83-449] [JINR-E1-83-449]

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