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Quantum field theory without divergences / Altaisky, M.V. [arXiv:1002.2566]
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A remark on gauge invariance in wavelet-based quantum field theory / Albeverio, S. ; Altaisky, M.V. [arXiv:0901.2806]
Quantum kinetic equation before and after Big Bang / Altaisky, M.V. [arXiv:0904.3637]
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Wavelet-Based Quantum Field Theory / Altaisky, Mikhail V. [arXiv:0711.1671]
Scale-Dependent Functions, Stochastic Quantization and Renormalization / Altaisky, Mikhail V. [hep-th/0604170]
Causality and multiscale expansions in quantum field theory / Altaisky, M.V.
External link: 00438
Wavelet based regularization for Euclidean field theory and stochastic quantization / Altaisky, M.V. [hep-th/0311048]
Wavelet based regularization for Euclidean field theory / Altaisky, M V [hep-th/0305167]
WASP (wavelet analysis of secondary particles angular distributions) package: Version 1.2. Long write up and user's guide / Altaisky, M.V. ; Ososkov, G.A. ; Soloviev, A.G. ; Stadnik, A.V. ; Shitov, A.B. [JINR-E10-2001-205]
Fulltext: PDF
External links: DUBNA2 Fulltext
Field theory on a Lie group / Altaisky, M.V. [hep-th/0007180]
External link: CERNKEY
p-adic physics below and above Planck scales / Altaisky, M.V. ; Sidharth, B.G. [gr-qc/9802034BSC-CAMCS-98-01-01]
The Analytical constraints on charge / color breaking vacua in the MSSM / Altaisky, M.V. ; Bednyakov, V.A. ; Kovalenko, S.G. ; Fomenko, M.N.
On standard and nonstandard applications of wavelet analysis. / Altaisky, M.V.
On fractal structure of quantum gravity and relic radiation anisotropy / Altaisky, M.V. ; Bednyakov, V.A. ; Kovalenko, S.G. [astro-ph/9404076JINR-E2-94-170]
External link: CERNKEY e-proceeding
On application of wavelet analysis to separation of secondary particles from nucleus - nucleus interactions / Afanasev, S.V. ; Altaisky, M.V. ; Zhestkov, Yu.G. [JINR-E2-94-337]

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