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Development of the ultra-low background HPGe spectrometer OBELIX at Modane underground laboratory / Brudanin, V.B. ; Egorov, V.G. ; Hodák, R. ; Klimenko, A.A. ; Loaiza, P. ; Mamedov, F. ; Piquemal, F. ; Rukhadze, E. ; Rukhadze, N. ; Štekl, I. ; et al
Double electron capture of 106Cd in the TGV-2 experiment / Rukhadze, N.I. ; Briancon, Ch. ; Brudanin, V.B. ; Egorov, V.G. ; Fajt, L. ; Hodák, R. ; Klimenko, A.A. ; Kovalik, A. ; Kouba, P. ; Piquemal, F. ; et al
New search for double electron capture in$^{106}$Cd decay with the TGV-2 spectrometer / Briançon, Ch. ; Brudanin, V.B. ; Egorov, V.G. ; Jose, J.M. ; Klimenko, A.A. ; Kovalik, A. ; Rosov, S.V. ; Rukhadze, E.N. ; Rukhadze, N.I. ; Salamatin, A.V. ; et al
A highly efficient HPGE gamma-ray spectrometer for investigating $\beta\beta$ decay to excited states / Rukhadze, N.I. ; Brudanin, V.B. ; Briancon, Ch. ; Cermak, P. ; Kochetov, O.I. ; Mamedov, F. ; Loaiza, P. ; Piquemal, F. ; Rukhadze, E.N. ; Shitov, Yu.A. ; et al
THE KLL AUGER SPECTRUM OF NEON FROM THE EC DECAY OF <sup>22</sup>Na / A. Inoyatov ; D. V. Filosofov ; V. M. Gorozhankin ; A. Kovalik ; N. A. Lebedev ; A. V. Lubashevskiy ; A. F. Novgorodov ; L. L. Perevoshchikov ; Ts. Vylov ; E. A. Yakushev [JINR-E6-2006-106]
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Neutron Background from the (alpha, n) Reaction on C-13 in the EDELWEISS-II experiment on direct search for weakly interacting particles of nonbaryonic cold dark matter / Frolova, A.S. ; Semikh, S.S. ; Rozov, S.V. ; Yakushev, E.A.
Background due to Radon and the means of its elimination in the EDELWEISS-II experiment / Yakushev, E.A. ; Lubashevsky, A.V.
External link: ECONF
Search for cold dark matter non-baryonic particles in the EDELWEISS-II experiment / Yakushev, E.A. ; Brudanin, V.B. ; Lubashevsky, A.V. ; Rozov, S.V. ; Semikh, S.S. ; Filosophov, D.V.
External link: ECONF
EDELWEISS experiment: Direct search for dark matter / Lubashevskiy, A.V. ; Yakushev, E.A.
Search for an admixture of heavy neutrinos in the beta-decay of Pu-241 / Dragoun, O. ; Spalek, A. ; Rysavy, M. ; Kovalik, A. ; Yakushev, E.A. ; Brabec, V. ; Novgorodov, A.F. ; Dragounova, N. ; Rizek, J.
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Catalogue of Radionuclide Low-Energy Electron Spectra (LEES) / Vylov, T D ; Gorozhankin, V M ; Kovalik, A ; Yakushev, E A ; Mahmoud, M ; Novgorodov, A F ; Lebedev, N A ; Filossofov, D V ; Brian?on, C ; Walen, R J ; et al [E6-2003-31] [JINR-E6-2003-31]
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Alpha decay ${}^{225}Ac \to {}^{221}Fr$ / Kudrya, S A ; Chumin, V G ; Fominykh, V I ; Gorozhankin, V M ; Gromov, K Y ; Malikov, S R ; Malov, L A ; Sergienko, V A ; Tsupko-Sitnikov, V V ; Yakushev, E A [JINR-E6-2002-202]
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