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STUDY OF DEEP SUBCRITICAL ELECTRONUCLEAR SYSTEMS AND FEASIBILITY OF THEIR APPLICATION FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION AND RADIOACTIVE WASTE TRANSMUTATION / J. Adam ; A. Baldin ; N. Vladimirova ; N. Gundorin ; B. Gus'kov ; V. Dyachenko ; A. Elishev ; M. Kadykov ; E. Kostyuhov ; V. Krasnov ; et al [JINR-E1-2010-61]
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STUDY OF SPALLATION REACTIONS, NEUTRON PRODUCTION AND TRANSPORT IN THICK LEAD TARGET AND URANIUM BLANKET IRRADIATED WITH 0.7 GeV PROTONS / O. Svoboda ; J. Adam ; M. Bielewicz ; I. Hartwing ; S. Kilim ; A. Krasa ; M. I. Krivopustov ; A. Kugler ; M. Majerle ; E. Strugalska-Gola ; et al [JINR-E15-2009-177]
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NEUTRON EMISSION IN THE SPALLATION REACTIONS OF 1 GeV PROTONS ON A THICK LEAD TARGET SURROUNDED BY URANIUM BLANKET / A. Krasa ; F. Krizek ; A. Kugler ; M. Majerle ; V. Wagner ; J. Adam ; M. I. Krivopustov ; V. M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov ; W. Westmeier ; I. Zhuk [JINR-E15-2007-81]
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Neutron yields from massive lead and uranium targets irradiated with relativistic protons / Zamani, M. ; Fragopoulou, M. ; Stoulos, S. ; Manolopoulou, M. ; Kulakov, B.A. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Sosnin, N.A. ; Brandt, R. ; Westmeier, W. ; Debeauvais, M. ; et al
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Interactions of relativistic heavy ions in thick heavy element targets and some unresolved problems / Brandt, R. ; Ditlov, V.A. ; Dwivedi, K.K. ; Ensinger, W. ; Ganssauge, E. ; Guo, Shi-Lun ; Haiduc, M. ; Hashemi-Nezhad, S.R. ; Khan, H.A. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; et al [JINR-E1-2005-167]
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Spallation neutron spectrum on a massive lead / paraffin target irradiated with 1-GeV protons / Adam, J. ; Balabekian, A.R. ; Barashenkov, V.S. ; Brandt, R. ; Golovatyuk, V.M. ; Kalinnikov, V.G. ; Katovsky, K. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Kumar, V. ; Kumawat, H. ; et al [JINR-E1-2004-16]
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Investigation of neutron spectra and transmutation of I-129, Np-237 and other nuclides with 1.5-GeV protons from the Dubna Nuclotron using the electronuclear setup 'Energy plus Transmutation' / Krivopustov, M.I. ; Adam, J. ; Balabekian, A.R. ; Batusov, Yu.A. ; Bielewicz, M. ; Brandt, R. ; Chaloun, P. ; Chultem, D. ; Dwivedi, K.K. ; Elishev, A, F. ; et al [JINR-E1-2004-79]
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Study of proton induced reactions in a radioactive I-129 target at E(p) = 660-MeV / Pronskikh, V.S. ; Adam, J. ; Balabekyan, A.R. ; Barashenkov, V.S. ; Dzhelepov, V.P. ; Gustov, S.A. ; Filinova, V.P. ; Kalinnikov, V.G. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Mirokhin, I.V. ; et al [nucl-ex/0403056LA-UR-04-2139]
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Determination of energetic neutron spatial distribution using neutron induced nuclear recoil events / Hashemi-Nezhad, S.R. ; Dolleiser, M. ; Brandt, R. ; Westmeier, W. ; Odoj, R. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Kulakov, B.A. ; Sosnin, A.N.
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Monte Carlo studies of accelerator driven systems: Energy and spatial distribution of neutrons in multiplying and non-multiplying media / Hashemi-Nezhad, S.R. ; Bamblevsky, V.P. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Kulakov, B.A. ; Sosnin, A.N. ; Brandt, R. ; Westmeier, W. ; Wan, J.S. ; Odoj, R. [JINR-E1-2000-291]
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Transmutation of Pu-239 and other nuclides using spallation neutrons produced by relativistic protons reacting with massive U and Pb targets / Adam, J. ; Balabekian, A.R. ; Bamblevsky, V.P. ; Barabanov, M.Yu. ; Bradnova, V. ; Chaloun, P. ; Hella, Kh.M. ; Kalinnikov, V.G. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Kulakov, B.A. ; et al [JINR-E1-2001-136]
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Monte Carlo calculations on transmutation of transuranic nuclear waste isotopes using spallation neutrons: Difference of lead and graphite moderators / Hashemi-Nezhad, S.R. ; Brandt, R. ; Westmeier, W. ; Bamblevski, V.P. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Kulakov, B.A. ; Sosnin, A.N. ; Wan, J.-S. ; Odoj, R. [JINR-E1-2001-44]
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First radiochemical studies on the transmutation of Pu-239 with spallation neutrons / Wan, J.-S. ; Langrock, E.-J. ; Westmeier, W. ; Vater, P. ; Brandt, R. ; Adam, J. ; Balabekian, A. ; Bamblevski, V.P. ; Barabanov, M.Yu. ; Bradnova, V. ; et al [JINR-E1-2000-169]
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Spallation Neutron Spectrum on a Massive Lead/Paraffin Target Irradiated with 1 GeV Protons / Adam, J ; Balabekyan, A R ; Barashenkov, V S ; Brandt, R ; Golovatiouk, V M ; Kalinnikov, V G ; Katovsky, K ; Krivopustov, M I ; Kumar, V ; Kumawat, H ; et al [E1200416] [JINRE1200416]
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Investigation of Neutron Spectra and Transmutation of ^{129}I, ^{237}Np and Other Nuclides with 1.5 GeV Protons from the Dubna Nuclotron Using the Electronuclear Setup "Energy plus Transmutation" / Krivopustov, M I ; Adam, J ; Balabekyan, A R ; Batusov, Yu A ; Bielewicz, M ; Brandt, R ; Chaloun, P ; Chultem, D ; Dwivedi, K K ; Elishev, A F ; et al [E1200479] [JINRE1200479]
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